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Wildstein the pebblein, part 1

The interior designer Barbara Wojtkowska lives in a beautiful renovated farmhouse in the village of Tyniec, not far from Krakow in Poland.
Mrs. Wojtkowska is specialised in Feng Shui designing.
A holistic approach to creating living spaces involving nature and electro magnetic fields.

In the beautiful house of Mrs. Wojtkowska many people are received to socialize, discuss, exchange ideas and have a good time.
It is like the Bohemian times in Paris in the 40’s.

Recently one evening, among the visitors was this permanent pilgrim, the artist and expert on horses Ms. Misia Guicherit and the journalist Bronislaw Wildstein.
The latter was dressed in a black costume and quickly it was realized that he is one of the most famous journalists in Poland and abroad.

This reputation he has acquired after he had smuggled, in January and February 2005, a file of informers and victims of the former communist secret police out of the Institute for National Remembrance (IPN) and then distributed it among fellow journalists.
The file is commonly referred to as "Wildstein's List".
(In Polish: lista Wildsteina).
These days Mr. Wildstein works as a prominent freelance journalist for newspapers and TV and publishes books on political subjects.

Therefore an interesting fellow to ask why it is that in Poland nobody is raising one voice to demand that the former eastern part of the country, with at its centre the city of Lwow, has to be returned to the motherland.

Most loyal and fervent blog readers will remember how in 1944 President Roosevelt of the USA, Prime Minister Winston Churchill of the United Kingdom and Marshall Joseph Stalin came together in Yalta on the Krim in Russia.
These three guys decided what would be the new borders in Europe after Germany had been defeated.
Stalin demanded to get the eastern part of Poland and both Roosevelt, already physically very weak and exhausted, and Churchill as opportunistic as he could be, gave in.
They were too afraid of Stalin who they needed to defeat the Nazis.
Without consulting the Poles themselves, who had a Government in exile in London, Roosevelt and Churchill simply gave away a large eastern part of Poland.
This was justified by giving Poland the eastern part of Germany but this was a price to pay not in the books of the Allies.

Looking back how this has been going, one can only be totally astonished and amazed.
Imagine that the President of Mexico, France and Spain get together and decide that California will belong to Mexico as of 2010.
Without asking or consulting the US-Government.
All Americans currently living in California would have to move north or east and loose everything they had.
To be replaced by Mexicans coming up from the south and happily settling in San Diego and Los Angeles.
Would that be acceptable?
Isn’t that a thought that can only be classified as totally ridiculous, preposterous and plain mad?
Nevertheless, US President Roosevelt and English Prime Minister Churchill applied this kind of political lunacy out of fear for Stalin’s eruptions of anger and its possible consequences.

So, why should Poland accept the current situation?
Lwow and its territory have now become, after the collapsing of the Soviet Union, the independent nation of the Ukraine.
Having land, villages, towns and cities that have always been Polish.

So why, prominent journalist Bronislaw Wildstein was asked, is there not a national movement in Poland promoting the idea of seeing Lwow and the eastern Polish territories, now in the Ukraine, returned?
To correct a rejectable and condemnable injustice committed by President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill?
What stops a nation to ask back what has been stolen?

Mr. Wildstein agreed that the eastern part of Poland with Lwow at its centre was confiscated and occupied by the Russians with the consent and blessing of Roosevelt and Churchill without any legal justification.
Chasing away millions of Poles from their homes loosing all their belongings.
In principle Mr. Wildstein agreed that the land and its villages, towns and cities should return to Poland.
But he explained that if a strong voice would start to advocate this demand and promote the rectification of injustice, it would inspire a new anger with the Russians.
Who don’t want to see the Ukraine loose a large part of its territory and see the border of Poland and Europe move closer to their Russian territory.

So, the Poles are afraid of the Russians, Mr. Wildstein?
And this he confirmed.
Out of fear for Russian reprisals and retaliation, the Polish politicians and journalists have made the issue of seeing Lwow return to Poland a too delicate subject to even openly talk about.
This is said by a man who belongs to a people who in history have repeatedly fought the Russians and even occupied Moscow once.
The bravery and strong nationalism once so prominent in Poles, seem to have been washed away by maybe too much drinking of vodka Mr. Wildstein was consuming in high quantities.

If the Poles are so afraid of the Russians to open the Lwow issue, the next question that comes up is why the Polish Government is considering to collaborate with a plan of President Bush to extend and modernize a weapon shield by planting new American antiballistic interceptor missiles in Poland.
An intention that has raised strong anger not only from the Russians but from the Chinese as well.

This was the next subject discussed with the prominent journalist Boryslaw Wildstein that finds its continuation in tomorrow’s posting.


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