Saturday, May 10, 2008

The core of Cadaques

If Cadaques is such a catastrophic place where so much is wrong, why would someone go there?
Why would someone with a well functioning mind and environmental awareness and a good set of standards and morals travel to that village?

As several fervent and loyal blog readers were expressing in their e-mails: there is a paradox to be in a place where much is wrong and bad while having gone there by the own free will.

The answer is simple and truthful.
Cadaques is not visited for what it is and for what happens there.
Annually there is a short return to Cadaques because of the friends that live there.

Cadaques was visited for the first time in 1990.
At the time the first divorce had just been accomplished and emotionally drained it was thought a good idea to take off for one year.
The idea was to find and rent a farm in the North-East of Spain and spend there about one year recuperating and getting focused and centred again.

Somehow though, during the hunt for a farm, the trip ended in Cadaques when that village was found.
Not only was it a romantic little fishing village with the rich history of Salvador Dali and his artist friend who had been living and working there.
But immediately persons were spotted who looked really interesting.
An international community of artists, photographers, writers and other creative people who shared a life in Cadaques of working and partying.

A large house was rented on a hillside overlooking the village and the Mediterranean.
Together with Serbian Alexandra, in this house called “Cala Bona”, a life was lived of freedom and joy.
Within a short period of time many friends were made and bonds developed that last until today.

After this sabbatical year in Cadaques, the village and the friends were visited repeatedly.
Until in the year 2000 the move was made to give up living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and permanently move to Cadaques.
By that time the village had already changed and was on the way to become a moneymaking machine for developers and promoters.
Once that was too obvious and too dominating, the village was left in 2005.
It was on a visit to the famous discotheque of Cadaques called “El Hostal”.
A place decorated by Salvador Dali and scene of many wild parties with booze and snow.
The owner of the place, an Italian, knew the friends and was aware who they were and that they were living long time in Cadaques.
But he hired a bully whose only job was to approach rather aggressively anybody that came into the “Hostal” to force the visitor to immediately order a drink.
A very expensive drink.
If someone was not prepared to immediately order a drink, the person was pushed out of the “Hostal” right away.
And the Italian shouted: “I don’t want your kind of people in my discotheque”.
He wanted only docile tourists who didn’t mind to spend 10 €(15 $) on a beer.
When this event happened it was deeply realized that it was time to leave the village and move on.

In all those years many friends were made.
Some continue to live in the village.
Others have also moved out but return for short visits frequently.
To meet again and feel the specific energy between us, is a great experience.
There is a strong bond.
A deep fondness and in some cases a love.

The second reason for returning to Cadaques, in spite of its commercialisation, is that it is surrounded by a National Park.
Parque Nacional Cabo de Creus.
This means that one can walk out of the village and be in pure nature immediately.
A fantastic environment with great views and smells and flowers and birds.
One can make walks for hours not meeting anyone.
Over the years many hikes have been made and each time planning a visit to Cadaques, this prospect is very exciting.
To know that again these long and mystic walks can be made in the beautiful, undisturbed and pure nature.

Cadaques has become a fa├žade so a few can make lots of money.
But the friends and the wild mountains are still absolutely real.

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