Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A heartwarming message

These days in several countries magazines are publishing a selection of the results of the project “The most beautiful people in the world”.
Big publications taking 6 to 8 pages having a high impact on the readers.

One of the consequences of having these kinds of publications is that some readers write an e-mail.
To express how they feel seeing the project “The most beautiful people in the world”.
Often very beautiful messages that are heart-warming and encouraging to continue the work.

Recently a message came in that is interesting to share with all the loyal and fervent blog readers.
For reasons of protection of privacy the name of the person that wrote the message is blacked out.

Dear Michel Szulc-Krzyzanowski:
I got to know about your project, 'The Most Beautiful People in the World" through your interview in the latest publication of Marie Claire.
Inspired by your interview on the project, I browsed your web site, and was charmed by the simplicity and the confidence of your subjects.
I associate myself with many of your subjects.

I was disappointed to know that the project recently closed and that in ***** you limited your project only to *****.
I wish you had also visited *****.

I would have certainly wanted to be the subject of your project.
I believe, I am one of the genuinely most beautiful persons across the globe.
I wanted to share with you, why I think I am the most beautiful woman in the world?

In very odd and sudden circumstances, destiny pushed me to end a barely 6 month old oppressive and mentally abusive arranged marriage, when, 27 years old.
I am too old and ugly to go to school or work, nobody wants to look at me - those were my ex-husband's words.
Naively, I believed what he said, but my inner voice constantly reminded me of my strong values and self-respect.
There were many challenges.
However, with my honesty, determination, tenacity, and hard work, I have accomplished a great deal professionally and socially.

Ironically, I am a 43 year old single woman and still don't give more than thirty.
Even today, I get compliments on my physical beauty.

Soon after separating from my ex-husband, I first travelled abroad, compliments and awe from old and young would surprise me.
Gradually, I started to believe in my beauty.
In retrospect today, I feel it was the divine source connecting with me through the channel of people.
In spite of the challenges, it has been a wonderful journey to be on my own.
Yet, the need for a broader recognition continues to persist.

Your project, 'The Most Beautiful People in the World' is a great idea.
If at any time, if you have another such inspiring project, please feel free to contact me. Thanking you for your consideration.

M***** G*****


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