Tuesday, May 27, 2008

This is not about sex

Fervent and loyal blog reader Ben from Las Vegas asks if maybe there is something to write about sex.
It is a general policy never to disappoint fervent and loyal blog readers but in this case the request cannot be honoured.
There is not much to write about sex.
Because sex is an activity disconnected from the rest of a human being.
Like his or her emotional household.
Sex is like animals behave and this blog is not intended for dogs.

However, if we would speak of sexuality, we get into a completely different situation.
Because sexuality is a complex of activities integrated and embedded in the whole of a human being.
Strongly connected to the emotions and to other people.

Our ability to enjoy sexuality is a major power of man- and womankind.
It is a gift that can be used not only to reproduce, but also to give joy to life.
And most importantly, it can be enjoyed as a tool to liberate oneself and become more the person one really is.
Sexuality as a tool for personal evolvement.

Because in most societies sex is mixed up with sexuality, it is an aspect of human beings suppressed.
Sexuality in many societies is more or less taboo and made suspicious, dirty, forbidden and turned into a producer of feelings of guilt.

For this religions are responsible, but Governments as well.
They have an interest to have their people not become true individuals and complete and evolved human beings.
Who would believe otherwise the Mullah preaching that Allah is great and who would believe a President trumpeting that the mission is completed?

We are supposed to be like sheep and this is why in the USA violence in its most extreme ways can be shown to all ages on TV but nudity is completely banned and even punished and fined.

It is therefore logic to be in favour of having sexuality in life in a complete free way.
To ignore completely any restrictions coming from so called rulers and coming from self-imposed norms from within a society.
To use sexuality as an instrument to become more complete.
By breaking down all that has been imposed concerning sexuality by education, religion and traditions.
To discover and create sets of norms and values that are truly of oneself.

This attitude makes it so interesting to discover within oneself all that has been implanted there.
Things that are not of oneself, but that have been indoctrinated there by religion and tradition.
These things will only come to the surface after a person decides to have the courage to live his or her sexuality.
To go for the challenge and to break down inside barriers build by others.
To listen to and respect and honor desires, fantasies and preferences.

Of course these actions of growing and evolving sexually come with feelings of guilt, embarrassment and shyness.
That are exactly the demonstrations of the effectiveness of the brainwashing.

The persons among us who choose to live their sexuality as they feel it and not as it is supposed to be lived decided by society, need to be able to experience feelings of guilt, embarrassment and shyness in a way that it is not blocking.
Once this becomes a possibility guilt and shyness and embarrassment evaporate.
A person can feel shy masturbating in front of others but after the fifth time the shyness is gone.
After which it can become an intense pleasure.

There is no illusion that sexuality can be lived freely and openly in countries like the United States and Saudi Arabia.
It is too restricted and controlled in those countries compared to Europe.
But this should not stop even Ben in Las Vegas.
One lives in a society that makes his or her world.
But one can change that world around him or her by replacing it with a world created by oneself.
To get the opportunity in the own world of growing and evolving in any way desired.

Once enough people have created their own liberal worlds, eventually they will connect and a new kind of society will be created.
Where it is OK not to show violence to children and to adults as a form of entertainment.
Where it is OK to celebrate and be open about sexuality.

Tomorrow we will discuss sexuality in the daily life in a more concrete way.
For example, why shyness disappears after five times.


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Valerie said...

i agree with you. but only to the extend that celebrating sexuality for one person or group will not damage or hurt another person or group. so that other person should explicitely consent and be aware of what that person is agreeing to. that is why children for example should be protected (as they also should be protected from violence)
for some not so free spirits, sexuality is linked to power or violence as well, and this minority sadly frightens the majority into setting morality standards which will not serve their goal.