Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The end and the beginning.

A third time the cemetery of Chorodow in the Ukraine was searched for the grave of Kazimierz Szulc Krzyzanowski.

And it was found.
By Irena, the wife of cousin Jerzek.
The grave was overgrown and she had pulled away all the grass and revealed the stone with the inscription.
Assisted by the most friendly taxi driver the ground in front of the grave was cleared and it almost felt like a victory.
To have found the grave making the expedition to Chodorow so successful.

It turned out from the inscription that grandfather not only had been the director of the sugar factory but that he had also been on the board.
But strangely enough on the grave was no indication whatsoever where and when he was born and when exactly he died.

Because the grave was not maintained for many years, it was decided to try to find someone who could clean it up.
One man digging a new grave told he had no time and that all the other men of the village had gone abroad to earn better money.
Eventually a man was found who guaranteed he could clean the grave.
But he asked 800 $ (507 €) for the job.
While a receptionist in the hotel of Lvov makes 100 $ (63 €) a month.
So this man was said bye bye immediately.

Later, the friendly taxi driver offered to do the job of cleaning thoroughly the grave and its immediate environment for 100 € (157 $) and this offer was gladly accepted.
The taxi driver had been very helpful all day long and had demonstrated himself as a fine human being.
He promised to clean the grave in the next coming weeks, make pictures of the result and send them to cousin Jerzek.

Eventually, when everybody was outside of the cemetery again, this permanent pilgrim went back to the grave of grandfather just by himself.
And for quite some time he had a deep meditation standing in front of the grave.
Letting many thoughts and emotions come to the surface for grandfather to share.
The man ultimately responsible for the own existence.

After joining the others a simple lunch was enjoyed in a local restaurant when a wedding party passed by.
Immediately the eating was interrupted to run after this event to make pictures of it.

Later it was realized what a remarkable visit it had been to Chodorow.
The sugar factory and the paternal house found.
And the grave of grandfather.
These discoveries accompanied by a funeral and a wedding.
The end and the beginning.


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