Tuesday, May 13, 2008

How nice life can be.

On an upper floor an office has been created where 12 hours a day images are being scanned.
On an Epson V500 scanner negatives from pictures made in the last 28 years are put on a hard disk for the upcoming book “The Beach”.

Meanwhile, again great excitement is raging in the house of cousin Jerzek in Nowy Sacz in Poland.
He has not forgotten the idea to go to Chodorow near the city of Lwow in the Ukraine.
Now that his beloved Mexican cousin is back, he has started an intensive campaign of finding possibilities to organise a journey to Lwow.
Calling the many people he knows and he had some positive results.
But yesterday the best opportunity imaginable fell into the large living room.
A man called saying that two places were available for a 3-day journey to Lwow.
This journey is organised by the town of Nowy Sacz and partly subsidized.
For the incredible amount of only 60 € (93$) a bus will drive the group of travellers on Friday afternoon to Lwow.
There a hotel is available including breakfast and dinner for two nights.
On Sunday night the return trip to Poland is made.

“I cannot make you a better proposition”, cousin Jerzek said and he was right.
But in fact he made it much better.
He told his beautiful wife Irena to come on the journey as well.
Who first hesitated because of all the horror stories she had heard about going to the Ukraine.
But eventually she decided to simply go.

So now a long-lived dream will come true.
To go and visit the village of Chodorow where father was born.
And where grandfather rests on the cemetery.
To see the city of Lwow where father studied at its university and was engaged with the woman he would marry and be very happy with many years later.

How nice life can be.


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