Thursday, May 1, 2008

Out of the world, into the farm.

The hotel room was like a space in hell.
This was because when the windows were open, loud traffic noise and pollution smells would force its ways into the room.
How is someone supposed to sleep in such circumstances?

The friendly person at the reception of the Hotel Les Trois Couronnes in the Rue de l’Arc de Triomphe had understanding for the impossible circumstances the permanent pilgrim had to suffer.
And moved him to one of the two rooms the hotel had on the backside.
With a window having a view of a wall in which a bathroom window.
But who cares about a limited view when the night is quiet without traffic noise?
And the guest can sleep like an innocent baby?

Meanwhile even in Paris spring has come.
Although it is cold and wet.
Rain and cool wind.
Some trees have flowers and show an incredible beauty.

Lunch was in an Indian Restaurant on the Place St. Georges with the photographers Laura Brunellière and Mark Lyon.
Besides making autonomous photography and accepting assignments these most friendly photographers also teach.
Laura at the L’école Supérieure d’Art of Clermont-Ferrand and Mark at the Parsons Paris School of Art & Design.
Most interesting persons to talk with about photography, education and the economy.

Later Mark Lyon showed a series of pictures he had made of the ball of debutants.
An annual event in a posh Paris hotel, called Hôtel Crillon, where the daughters of wealthy families accompanied by cavaliers come dressed up like Barbie Dolls to show themselves as if they were on the Hungarian horse market.
Amazing pictures with a strong opinion showing what a sad and tragic event the ball of debutants in fact is.

Of course, these kinds of pictures are hard to market as they do not flatter a class of society wishing to be publicly glorified.
You don’t spit on the vest of Napoleon.
It was suggested to Mark Lyon to rent a room in the expensive Hôtel Crillon where the ball of debutants is taking place.
And to exhibit the images in that room inviting a selected group of editors and journalists.

Tomorrow a journey will be made to a small village called La Perrière in the West of France in Normandy.
Far from civilization in an old farm live the American painter Richard Harper with his Australian wife, the artist Karen Papacek and their daughter Hanna.
Some days will be spend with these good friends before to travel to Cadaques in Spain.

The farm is far away from everybody else and consequently from Internet connection.
Postings will become infrequent.


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