Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lovely Lvov

There was most of the day available to spent in Lvov, the Ukraine, before the bus with teachers would return to the town of Nowy Sacz in Poland.
An excellent opportunity to scout the city of Lvov.
And make pictures.

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RonMack said...

I haven't spoke with you in a while. RonMack here. Architect from Arkansas (assisted in the design idea for your expedition vehicle). Thanks for the great photos at Lvov. Also, I am sure glad you were able to locate your grandfathers grave. I will be taking my son to my grandfather's grave site (4 1/2 hour drive one way) on Sunday and placing a headstone on his burial site. He died when my father was 8 years of age. The year was 1936. I am saddened that neither my Grandmother or Grandfather had headstones placed on their graves until I finally was financially able to do that myself (some 70 years + after they died!) Keep up the good work, I really do enjoy following your "adventures" and seeing your great photography of the people, architecture, and places that I will probably never get to see.
Thanks! RonMack