Sunday, May 25, 2008

Wildstein the pebblein part 2

Prominent Polish journalist Bronislaw Wildstein claimed that Lwow and its territory currently in the Ukraine should be returned to Poland as it was confiscated in a completely illegal and unjustified way.
But that no action should be taken out of fear for angering big brother Russia.

Hence, the logical question was asked why Poland on its territory was accepting the deployment by the USA of new anti ballistic missiles.
Angering not only Russia, but China and other countries as well.

Prominent Polish journalist Bronislaw Wildstein is one of those people who have been influenced by the Bush-Cheney propaganda machine.
He says he feels threatened and needs to be defended and this is where the Americans come in with their new anti ballistic missiles.
The threat he is made to feel is that possibly one day Iran, North Korea or any other so called rogue nations may be able to launch a weapon of mass destruction heading for the United States.

The truth is that we are not threatened at all but the military industrial complex need a situation of fear to make money.
A country that is not an enemy is made into an enemy because enemies are needed to continue to make money through violent conflicts.
It's no surprise that KBR Inc. , a division of Halliburton, had $17.2 billion in Iraq-related war revenue for 2003-2006.
KBR is one of the largest construction and energy field-service companies in the world.
It has a long history of collaborating with the U.S. government on war-related construction.
And it needs more business.
What it costs in human lives, in political disruption and lack of peace, is of no concern to them.

This installation of anti ballistic missiles in Poland is not only a breach of all kinds of international treaties to limit the development and employment of weapons, but it is also a demonstration of aggressiveness and belief that with weapons problems can be solved.
This is a typical American attitude that has resulted in devastation, death and destruction worldwide.

The Polish Government meanwhile is not so convinced anymore that deployment of American anti ballistic missiles is such a good idea.
They hesitate and this has a result that the American Government is now putting pressure on the Polish Government to make a favourable decision.
Most European countries are very opposed to new American weapons on European soil, but Boryslaw Wildstein says that Poland must convince the others in Brussels, the headquarter of the European Union, what a good thing those weapons are.

On the one hand Boryslaw Wildstein decides not to get involved in claiming Lwow out of fear for Russia’s anger.
But he doesn’t hesitate to side with the aggressive and illegal politics of the Bush administration angering not only Russia, but China and many other countries as well.

A journalist informing the general public as Wildstein does, should be balanced in the opinions.
And be not afraid to take independent points of views.
To refuse to be intimidated by possible anger and to avoid to run like a lunatic behind dangerous ideas.

Prominent Polish journalist Bronislaw Wildstein is a silly guy who drinks too much.
Lacking any sign of spirituality and enlightenment.
Whipping up cream with his publications that make people sick.

Once he began strongly imposing vodka flavoured with chilli and honey on his conversation partner, it was time to leave the room.
Following the example set some time before by the artist and expert of horses Misia Guicherit after prominent Polish journalist Bronislaw Wildstein had lightly harassed her.
It was the only wise decision possible.


To learn more about the deployment of American anti ballistic missiles in Europe, click on:,2144,3333050,00.html

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Kathryn Allahyari said...

Hmmmmmm... a billion here, 17.2 billion there, what's a billion anyway??? Consider:

A billion seconds ago it was 1959.

A billion minutes ago Jesus was alive.

A billion hours ago our ancestors were living in the Stone Age.

A billion dollars ago was only 8 hours and 20 minutes, at the rate Washington spends it.

And so it goes.

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