Friday, May 9, 2008

Catastrophic Cadaques part 2

Yesterday the fervent and loyal blog readers have learned about the catastrophic situation in the Spanish village called Cadaques concerning new building and construction.
How it is completely flawed by incompetence, desire for short time profit and probably corruption.

In another way the situation in Cadaques is catastrophic as well.
This concerns the cars and motorbikes.

Cadaques is surrounded by a mountain range and the Mediterranean Sea.
There is one road crossing the mountain and ending in Cadaques as a dead end street.
Cars have to go back the same way as they came.

First of all, the authorities do not set limits on how many cars can cross the mountain and drive into the village.
In the high tourist season so many cars are coming to Cadaques that the road is filled with a traffic jam waiting to get into the village until other cars leave.

Secondly, the village is available for traffic everywhere.
There are no streets were traffic is not allowed.
Even the very narrow and small streets are open for cars.

Thirdly, a large paid parking area has been created at the entrance of the village.
But most visitors are trying not to pay for parking by looking for a place somewhere in the village.
On a summer day many cars can be watched in the village circling around looking for a free parking place.
Logically, many cars park in places where it is not allowed.
Even in pedestrian areas but the police hardly cares about this.
The paid parking area is leased to a private company so the village administration can’t care less where people park.
The village gets their money from the private company anyway.

In the fourth place, to drive with a car into the village when someone is not living in Cadaques is ultimately ridiculous.
Because there is no way to go.
One can turn right and drive along the sea or one can turn left and drive along the sea to end up in both situations in a dead end.
To have to turn around and drive all the way back.
Many people believe they can continue to a next village but no signs are put for cars to inform that there is no through way.

There are similar villages like Cadaques, even in Spain, where the village administration banned cars from the village.
To end a complete madness.
So that the village becomes beautiful and quiet again and unpolluted by fumes and noise.
So that people can walk around in peace.
In Cadaques the members of the Ayutamiento refuse to even think about this.
Even to close parts of the village to traffic.
Reason is that the members of the Ayutamiento are at the same time the owners of the hotels, restaurants, bars and shops.
They believe that they get more business by leaving motorists free to go where they want.
They fear that when they restrict traffic, they will make less money.
And money they make.
One restaurant owner has a Rolls Royce and another a Bentley.
And they are greedy: they want more, more, more.
It is never enough.
And that this greediness is paid for by the well-being of the people and the characteristics and heritage of the village, they can’t care a dime.


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