Thursday, May 15, 2008

Blog in limbo

One of the rewarding things of writing a daily blog and having a group of loyal and fervent readers are the responses and e-mails that come in.

In the early days of this blog, when the subject was something in the USA, hate mail would be received.
But this has disappeared.
Obviously these blog readers have given up on being loyal and fervent.

Now we are with a group that enjoy communicating and sharing so that the conclusion is justified that these are the best times of the blog ever.

Yesterday a sequence discovered in the archive in Poland was published and several fervent and loyal blog readers were sending e-mails how struck they were by the images.
Even one collector intends to purchase the work for her art-collection.

While the scanning continues in Nowy Sacz, Poland, from early morning till late in the evening, today it will stop in the early afternoon.
This because of the upcoming trip to Lwow in the Ukraine.
At 4 pm the bus will leave and it is not known what time arrival will be in Lwow.
This all depends of the border crossing.
Stories are told of having to wait 6 hours for all travel documents to be checked and stamped.

The journey to Lwow, Ukraine, is so interesting and exciting because it is totally unknown what to expect and how it will be.
If one travels from Europe to the USA it is all very clear.
But the Ukraine is not a tourist destination and has opened up only one year ago.

Loyal and fervent blog readers will understand that the MacBook Pro laptop computer will not come along on the trip.
Too high risk of theft or robbery.
Besides, after 1 year and 8 months the battery of the Apple MacBook Pro has given up and needs to be replaced.
That has to wait until back in the USA early June.

This means that for the next two days no new postings will be published.
The first new one may be expected on Monday May 19.
With a report on the dangerous and adventurous Ukraine expedition.
If no blog is published on Monday, call the cops.


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Anonymous said...

Yikes. Does 9-1-1 work for over there?