Sunday, October 12, 2008

Back on track

At the rancho of the Gonzales family at Punta Boca del Salado, Baja California, Mexico it is never that a fixed amount of people live there.
There is of course the nucleus of Gumaro and Lucretia Gonzales.
Gumaro, now 60 years old, has been living on this rancho all his life.
With Lucretia he has four children and there are ten grand kids.

At this time, Edgar is also living at the rancho.
He is the son of daughter Norma and 12 years old.

Edgar has recently been taken out of school and is now working on the rancho.
Doing simple jobs mostly assisting his grandmother Lucretia in the kitchen.

Edgar is a troubled boy having issues.
He was the first child of his mother Norma but she meanwhile has a new husband.
His father is not seeing him and over the years he became like a left over.
The family sees this very clearly and they fear that at his current age he might eventually turn to drugs and crime from making the wrong friends and becoming even more unruly.

At the rancho he is under the supervision of Lucretia and Gumaro: his grand parents.
But he calls his grandmother “Mama”: somehow they have a very close relationship.
Often you can see Edgar hugging her although she occasionally yells at him when he is lazy again.
Because what he loves most is laying in a comfortable chair and watch cartoons on TV.

The intention is to keep Edgar at the rancho now.
Where he can fight out his evolution from puberty to adolescence.

And the plan is to teach him eventually how to drive a truck.
So he can find a destiny in delivering water from the well of the rancho to the houses in the neighbourhood with the big water truck of the Gonzales now operated by the son Ismaƫl.

There is a tremendous beauty to see how a boy who easily could go astray and on the wrong path, is finding a more balanced way in life nevertheless.

Tomorrow we will meet sixteen-year-old Dulce now also living at the rancho.


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