Saturday, October 4, 2008

The truth found in the pool

Many people had high expectations to see last night the debate between the Governor of Alaska and part-time mother Sarah Palin and Senator Joe Biden whose children are beyond diaper service.

Also in the Fuso Szulc the intention was to participate in the debate by listening attentively.
It was late in the afternoon and the sun had come to rest between the palm trees and eventually beyond the horizon where is the Pacific Ocean.

But soon after hearing the beginning of the debate a question came up in the mind.
“Is this debate really something to listen to?”
Because it made feel sad.
Mrs. Palin specialised only in political platitudes drilled into her mind by media instructors.
Mr. Biden too experienced, too motivated, too many things on his side to let the debate slip out of his control.

It was like witnessing a massacre.
Seeing Poland overrun by the Soviets and the Nazis in 1939.

The decision was made to stop listening to the debate.
To escape the emotions it was pushing to the front.

The better alternative was to go to the “Pool of death”.
Where the water is warm.
Where nobody else is disturbing the entrance to the next life.

In the twilight where, when floating in the embryonic water, the palm trees around the pool are simply silhouettes to represent a reality more and more far away.

It is the stars.
In the now dark sky that glitter and shine.
Those are the marks to know where is existence.

This is one of the most exceptional experiences ever had in life.
To float on the back in a large swimming pool with very warm water in the dark seeing the stars.

What makes it really exceptional is that while floating and moving slowly it is not the stars that are changing of position.
The palm trees, silhouettes they are, move and change position from where they are.
They move and are segregated from the observer.
The stars though remain in place and seem to be in sync with the exurbanite swimmer.

This is probably one of the rare possible experiences in life to be detached.
To be truly free and liberated.
In a natural way without mind expanding chemical drugs.
To be naturally not earth rooted anymore.
To accept to connect to the universe.
To become one with the stars.
To share temporarily infinity.

OK, OK, once out of the pool and after the shower with cold water infinity was surely temporary.
Returned to the Fuso Szulc the Palin-Biden debate had finished and it was the spinning to follow.

That didn’t matter.
Because just after leaving the “Pool of Death” it was understood that Senator McCain had lost the elections and Barack Obama will be the next President of the United States.
It needs a dip in a Mexican pool and consequently connecting to the stars to know this truth.


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Anonymous said...

It's too bad you base your facts on the stars and a dip in a pool, rather than on truth.

It's also too bad you didn't watch the whole debate, or you could have seen what a knowledgeable, intelligent, informed and articulate woman of integrity Sarah Palin is. Biden, on the other hand, spewed out numberous lies about McCain and his voting record, probably with the hope that no one would check his facts. He seems to think also that he is running against Bush. Or perhaps he assumes that most people think that Bush is up for reelection again.

Hm, come to think of it, I think your sadness came from realizing what a positive force Sarah Palin is for the values Ameria holds dear, and which you seem to despise so much.

Thank God you're not an American citizen, because you're certainly not one at heart, even though you like to come here and enjoy all the benefits that we citizens pay taxes for so that rude guests like you can enjoy them.