Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Missing a son

When Gumaro was met for the first time he was 31 years old.
During 29 years his life has been seen passing by.

Now Gumaro is 60 years old and he is entering a new stage in his life.

He has been working hard all his life.
To have a family living in prosperity.
This he achieved and all his children are now adults and settled.

This has put pressure to perform and deliver to the sidelines.
He therefore is approaching his life in a different way.

Gumaro is now enjoying his life.
Without many obligations and less responsibilities he is discovering the beauty of his existence.

So, on a Sunday morning he takes his favourite horse for training to the beach.
He has erected a pole and makes the horse run in circles.
After which he touches and caresses the horse to calm it down and make it more familiar with him.

He calls the horse “Prieto”.
The same name as Gumaro’s son.
Who he tragically lost.


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