Wednesday, October 29, 2008

To be fundamental

Once in a while it happens.
That the Datastorm Satellite System slows down to a snail pace.
Download speeds reach not higher than 0,5 KB per second.

Some things become time consuming like receiving e-mails with attachments, sending pictures and visiting websites.
It can take over 5 minutes for a website to appear on the screen.

What becomes completely impossible is to use SKYPE, the VOIP telephone system.
Nor is it possible to watch TV from websites.

Hence, most activities on the computer are eliminated for the time being.
And it is not known how long this slow working Datastorm Satellite System will stay in this snail mode.

Many fervent and loyal blog readers will remember how some weeks ago the Datastorm Satellite System refused to work at all.
Without informing, the company Datastorm Satellite System had changed the settings.
Only by calling installer Paul Angerami the problem could be solved.

Many people are waiting for the day when a new, less problematic and more sophisticated satellite system will hit the market.
To avoid a situation like there is currently here in the Fuso Szulc that the opening of the website for the project “How we love” is being delayed because of the slow working satellite connection.

There is another side to this situation though.
When turning the head away from the computer screen, from the window of the Fuso Szulc the glittering of the sun on the Sea of Cortez is seen.
A view of the beach and the pelicans flying by.
On the other side the peaceful settlement of the Mexican rancho where live goes on as it did for the last 100 years.

So what is there actually not to be content about?

It takes now almost two hours to drive from the rancho to the town of San Jose del Cabo.
Gumaro has been telling how in his younger days they would go to town by horse.
To get supplies would take two days.

In the fascinating book “The fatal shore” by Robert Hughes, about the history of Australia, we can read how people would sail back to England for meetings to return with the conclusions 6 months later.
Meanwhile everything was on hold waiting for the decision.

In those days of slow travelling they lived anyway; they were eating, breathing, loving and working.
Just like they do today.

Fundamentally nothing has changed and we should be as happy today as we were before.
Unless we make ourselves depended of the modern technical introductions in our lives.

Hence, the Datastorm Satellite System is switched off and a long walk on the beautiful beach and a swim in the sea is made.
To be fundamental.


To learn more about the fascinating book “The fatal shore” by Robert Hughes, click on:


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