Monday, October 20, 2008

Rising sun and unemployment

This morning it was gorgeous again.
A temperature of 24º C (75º F).
A cloudless sky.
The sea like a mirror.
The sun rising beautifully.

In a moment of reflection it was realized how fortunate it all is.
And how happy the feeling is.

Later, checking the news, the results became known of a survey.
The AP-Yahoo News poll, conducted by Knowledge Networks, has repeatedly interviewed a group of about 2,000 Americans since last November in an effort to get a person-by-person view of how the USA is reacting to the presidential campaign and the events affecting it.
The share of Americans who believe the USA is moving in the right direction has plunged in just a few weeks, from 28 percent in September to 15 percent in October.
At the same time there is a drop in those surveyed who say they are happy about the way things are going in their own lives.
Now 59 percent say they are personally happy, compared with 70 percent last month.

That is an astonishing amount.
41 % of the Americans are not happy.

This in a country that sees itself as the shiny example for the rest of the world.
That wants to export and implement their political, social, religious and economic system worldwide.

Why are over 125 millions of people in the USA unhappy, one may ask?
It is the fear to fall into poverty.
One-third of the people surveyed are worried about losing their jobs.
50 % fret they will be unable to keep up with mortgage and credit card payments.
And 7 in 10 are anxious that their stocks and retirement investments are losing value.
Also, there is widespread distress about being able to afford unexpected medical expenses and children's college expenses, and having to postpone retirement because their savings have eroded, the survey found.

It is clear that what creates the unhappiness is fear.
Many people have become afraid for the near future.
And not only in the USA.

The ILO, the international Labour Organization said today that the number of unemployed persons worldwide can reach 210 millions in the year 2009.

Hence, it is understandable that people get nervous, afraid, fearful and deeply worried.
Especially when living in a country like the USA where only 3 % still believes that their President is doing a good job, according to the same AP-Yahoo poll.
Where healthcare has become unaffordable if not rich.
Where social security is not a social responsibility.

How to relate a beautiful morning in Baja California and consequently feeling happy to the millions of worrying and fearing fellow human beings elsewhere?
To be phlegmatic towards the economic crises and excited about the sunrise.
One is temporary.
The other for always.


To learn more about the recent AP-Yahoo News poll, click on:

To learn more about the predictions of the ILO, the International Labour Organization, click on:


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