Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ending on a plate as a steak

Many members of the Gonzales family have arrived to spend the weekend together and have a good time.
This includes catching some cows and tying them up in a corral.
To kill and butcher them one by one later.

Hence the peaceful dry riverbed is resonating with the whining sounds of the cows bitterly complaining their confinement.
And expressing what they probably know what is going to happen to them: ending on a plate as a steak.

The day and night whining of the cows is so painful and disturbing that even the dogs ran away and found refuge under the Fuso Szulc where they have been spending the night.

An alert inhabitant of the dry riverbed in Baja California, Mexico unavoidably has to think of the elections in the USA when hearing the cows complaining about their lost freedom and approaching death.
The cows sound like John McCain and Sarah Palin.

Knowing they have lost the elections, they have changed their strategy.
Most of their time speaking in public is spent to make people afraid of Barack Obama.
Additionally, with automatic phone calls and advertisements Obama is accused in the worst ways possible.
Painting Barack Obama as a possible terrorist, Muslim, black, a liar, a cheater and a lunatic.

John McCain and Sarah Palin have no more convincing political arguments to assure a majority of the American people of them being the right choice.
So, the strategy is to make the electorate so afraid of what looks like the winning opponent that the people are strongly suggested to change their mind who to vote.
To make them vote for the scaremongers to stop the candidate the people were made afraid of.

It is a deplorable strategy.
Any man and any woman with pride, honour, courage and determination in life would never devaluate to such a low level of operating.

The good news is that Barack Obama is continuing to get more and more people behind him.
Indicating that too many American people are fortunately too smart to fall for McCain’s vicious strategy.


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