Thursday, October 2, 2008

Going down into the pool

From San Javier, high up in the mountains, all the way down to the western part of Baja California, Mexico.
Ending at the favourite trailer park “El Campestre” with its large swimming pool in the town of Ciudad Constitucion.

A fabulous journey taking over eight hours negotiating the most incredible dirt roads.

Basically, the road from San Javier down to the west coast of the Baja California peninsula follows the San Javier river.

Only the brave among us equipped with daring courage and a four-wheel drive vehicle that is not too big and heavy, will have the privilege of experiencing this unique journey.
It is absolutely spectacular.

But not for the many ranchos that are located west of San Javier.
They are along the river every time there is enough flat area for farming.
The fields are now abandoned and the rancheros are hanging on by raising cattle.
Cows and goats.

In the old days they would grow their own maize and vegetables.
But since they have cars and meat pays gallantly, the rancheros are not breaking their backs anymore on their fields.
They go to town for supplies.
Not to the east, to Loreto, because over there shops ask prices related to the many foreign tourists.
They go west, driving more hours, to Santo Domingo and Ciudad Insurgentes, where they find shops with prices they can afford.

In their San Javier valley the farmers still live in their traditional ways.
No telephone, no electricity and no TV.
Their children go to a Government boarding school in San Javier.
As long as meat prices guarantee a living, people will continue to stay and work there.

Arrived in Ciudad Constitucion the Fuso Szulc was in place at “El Campestre” just before a tremendous thunderstorm broke.
The dark clouds were seen approaching and soon after heavy wind gusts and punishing rain were battering the Fuso Szulc.
There was lightning followed by immediate thunder indicating the thunderstorm was right above the Fuso Szulc.
Inside it was imagined that the Fuso Szulc could be fatally hit by a lightning strike to be pulverized into eternity.
Bye bye forever.
While rationally it was realized that being inside the Fuso Szulc, that is on tires, no ground contact is made for lightning to choose to earth through this expedition vehicle.
Besides, the Fuso Szulc was near much higher palm trees that were much better targets for receiving deadly lightning.

But how to remain always like an astronaut?
Super cool and determined?
While the Fuso Szulc was shaking as if it was to fall over by the gusty winds.
Rain not pouring, but attacking it.
Volumes usually creating rivers and lakes falling now on the modest presence of a recreational vehicle.

After the tremendous thunderstorm a swim in the large pool.
So warm the water.
And in a state that when noticed, arrest to follow.
The memories came back of the dreams in the morning of the Mexican SeƱorita and our girl friend exploring everything possible when three people deliver and find truth in galactic orgasms.
And the experience was remembered of going for a swim two years ago in the same pool.
It was long after closing time but a small boy was still swimming while his Mom was sitting in a chair watching.
She was greeted and she saw the European photographer drop his towel, dressed in a minimum way and entering the water.
The intention was to swim up and down the pool to have some good physical exercise.
But soon the lady in the chair was trying to get attention.
She had spread her legs, had pushed away her bathing suit and was showing where her son was coming from.
What is a photographer supposed to do in these kinds of circumstances?
Tell the boy to keep on playing in the pool while his Mom disappears with the swimmer into the shower building?
But it was clear that the woman was exhibiting herself feeling secure because of the presence of her child.
It was just about that and nothing more.
So, her exhibitionism was enjoyed and she followed the instructions coming from the pool to make herself reach heaven.


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