Monday, October 13, 2008

A talented young woman

On the rancho of the Gonzales family the nucleus is formed by Gumaro and Lucretia.
They are at this settlement most of their lives.
Of their children, only 23-year-old Ismaƫl is still living with them.

But nevertheless, the rancho is a beehive of people coming and going.
Some come just for a few hours.
Some stay for weeks and months.

Yesterday we met grandson Edgar.
The 12 year old troubled boy who is now in a situation where he peacefully can find himself and a way to deal positively with his life.

Today we come to know Dulce.
She is a 16-year-old girl from La Paz who lives now with the Gonzales family at Rancho Punta Boca del Salado.

Dulce is assisting Lucretia in all of the household work.
Cooking, cleaning, laundry.
And contrary to lazy Edgar, Dulce is a very hard working young woman.
In fact, she has a tremendous amount of energy.
This shows when she is working.
She is not a girl who needs to be told what to do.
She sees what needs to be done and jumps at every opportunity.

Her enormous energy has gotten her into trouble though and this is why she is at the rancho of the Gonzales.
Because this energy of Dulce is also physical and sexual.
She is extremely sensual and seductive.

One year and four months ago she had a baby.
Dulce became pregnant when she was fourteen.

Dulce has fantastic potential but living in the prude and sexually frustrated Mexican society she has not been in a context of proper sex education.
Where young boys and girls are taught that sex is OK as long as precautions are taken to avoid venereal diseases and pregnancy.

Dulce’s baby will come to the rancho also.
As well as her father who will work as a rancho hand: milking the cows every morning and repairing corrals.

When the driver of the Fuso Szulc stays at the rancho of the Gonzales family, he gives classes of mathematics and English when there are children and young people around.
Edgar is one of those students and he wants nothing more than that again classes are offered.
They have therefore started and each morning he gets a long list of mathematical problems.
841 +

27 x

595 +

Yesterday Dulce noticed this was going on and she took the paper with the mathematical problem.
Within a few minutes she gave it back and said:


To uttermost amazement she had managed to give the correct reply to the mathematical problem by doing the calculations in her head.
She has a definite talent for mathematics.

So now Dulce has joined the classes and solves mathematical problems so complicated that her professor needs an electronic calculator to check if her answers are correct.


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RonMack said...

Hello Michael,
Glad you moved and were safe from the storm. I would like to commend you on the teaching of the young ones at the Gonzales Rancho. I think it is just great that you find joy in using your intelect to pass on to others knowledge that will better their life. Purpose is a great thing! Bravo! RonMack