Thursday, October 23, 2008

Enough of politics and dogs.

The decision has been made not to follow the election campaigns of John McCain and Sarah Palin anymore.
Nor the campaign of Barack Obama.

The reason is that it has been enough.
To avoid to get sick and tired of it.
To be drawn too deep into their negativity, nastiness, hate and dishonesty.

Quietly the day after the elections will be awaited now.
And until then the Fuso Szulc remains clean of American electoral politics.

This morning was an incredible sunrise.

Witnessed while taking care of Rocky and Gante.
The two new dogs of Alfredo.

To the annoyance of the whole Gonzales family Alfredo has fallen back in his old habits.
He got himself two new dogs.

Young and energetic ones.

But then he leaves his rancho to spend time with his girl friend in her house.
He ties up one dog to the same tree as Gorba was.
Leaving them without enough water and food.

The result is a constant barking and crying of the tied up dog.
Day and night.
Destroying the peace and serenity of the location.

The only solution is to keep the dogs near the Fuso Szulc.
To feed them.
To take care they always have fresh water.
And to walk them daily.

Also Gumaro and Lucretia Gonzales are pissed off with Alfredo and the way he keeps dogs.
They can’t sleep at night as well.
And especially Lucretia is angry and upset because also these two dogs got into the habit chasing chicken.
To kill them.

Once Alfredo comes back, the dogs return to him.
It is no more fun to have somebody else’s dogs to take care of.
It is history that is repeated as fervent and loyal blog readers understand when they remember Gorba.

Hopefully Alfredo leaves his love nest soon.
To have no more dogs.
And no more politicians.


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