Sunday, October 26, 2008

A girl and website found

Dark outside.
The Sea of Cortez quietly rolling its waves on the beach.
Peacefully preparing a beautiful vegetarian dinner.
Soft music from XM-radio’s Audiovision.
A harmonious situation.

A car approaching.
Able to negotiate the soft sand of the dry riverbed.
Two lights in the black night.

The car stops near the Fuso Szulc.
A smaller moving light approaching.
Obviously somebody with a torch.

It was Gumaro.
Accompanied by his youngest son Ismaƫl.
And Gumaro's son in law Charro who is a policeman in La Rivera.

They were in a light panic.
Manuela, the 11-year-old daughter of Jose Manuel, the oldest son of Gumaro, was missing.
They had no idea where she was.
Jose Manuel had been on the rancho that afternoon and had left his kids with the grandparents.
But eventually Gumaro and his wife Lucretia realized, when it was already late and dark, that Manuela was not there.
Had she wandered off the rancho on her own?
Unable to find her way back?

The only way to find out what was the matter was to call Jose Manuel, now back in La Ribera, on his mobile phone.
Only problem: it is not possible to call from the rancho.
There is no telephone and no signal for mobile phones.

But as has happened often before, the Fuso Szulc is equipped with a Datastorm Satellite System and with SKYPE.
The VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system to call through a website.
Of course available to the Gonzales.

Hence, Jose Manuel was called but this didn’t work well.
So, Bertha, Gumaro’s youngest sister and also living in La Ribera, was called on her landline phone.
That connection was perfect and Bertha went to see Jose Manuel to see if his daughter Manuela was there.
Five minutes later Gumaro called again and Manuela had been found.
Gracias a Dios, they said.

Meanwhile the next step has been made to perform the project “How we love”.
An important step.
To get a domain name with the title of the project in order to be able to open a website.

These days it is not easy to get a domain name.
Most are already taken.
Used by a couple involved in family counselling and relationship therapies.
Milan and Kay Yerkovich.
He is an ordained pastor with a master's degree in biblical studies and has been helping couples and families build healthier relationships for more than twenty-five years.
Kay Yerkovich is a licensed marriage and family therapist with a master's degree in counselling.
She has been helping couples and families with attachment theory tools in her professional counselling for more than thirteen years.
The Yerkoviches have been married thirty-three years and are the parents of four adult children.
So they must know something about how we love.

But they have
Even and are also taken and not available.
Magically though was available and immediately taken.
The “us” stands usually for the United States.
But in combination with “howwelove” it gets the different meaning of “we”.
So, the step to get a website address has been very successful.
How we love wants to be told.


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