Friday, October 31, 2008

A dog on the moon

This week there is this one thought that pushes itself dominantly into the consciousness many times every day.
It is not a thought that is desired or wanted; hence it is like a dominatrix in a dungeon.

Under compulsion currently to have the thought snake into the awareness, the fervent and loyal blog readers may definitely like to know what issue for Christ’s sake is brought up constantly.

It is this: the idea to make a dog walk with a lower drag of gravity.
This is achieved by putting a net around his body with cables going up to a balloon filled with helium.
The net lifts the dog up and this as much as if the animal was walking on the moon.
He will be able to run at tremendous speed and make high jumps.

This is the thought that comes to mind all the time.

We may wonder why this fabulous idea has never been done before.
Not necessarily with dogs only.
Because it could be applied to human beings also.
A parachute filled with a balloon containing helium lifting up slightly the person.
Making a Neil Armstrong of the man.
Or an Amelia Earhart of the woman.

It is OK to have neurotic events happening in the brains.
As long as they deal with solutions for dogs concerning gravity.

But nevertheless we may wonder why this is happening.
These days the book “The cancer ward” by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn is read.
A story in a hospital for cancer patients.
This is why a new thought has come to mind explaining that this invention of having dogs walk like if they were on the moon is the result of a tumour in the brains.
A cancerous growth pushing against a lobe in the brains where original and unique thoughts are produced.

So now the thought of the floating dogs pops up followed by the thought that a tumour is at work.
This is a scaring situation.
Because the idea that a tumour is possibly growing and pushing is no good.
It has to be countered with the new thought that this is an imagination coming from reading a book.

Most fervent and loyal blog readers are able to imagine that this dramatic situation results in a train of thoughts ending any man in an asylum.
The dog in a net with a balloon, a tumour pushing a lobe and labelling anything coming to mind as corrupt.
Call the men in white coats!

We often believe that the mind we have is there to think.
In specific cases this is true.
Like playing a chess game.
But in most other cases it is not true.
The mind tends to want to control.
To lead us into trouble.

The thing to do is to learn not to think.
This is, to allow the mind its way without paying too much attention to it.
And when ideas pop up, the thing is to perform the idea.
To simply do it and the mind has no more reason to bring it back up.

So, today a net will be made around the body of Rocky the dog and a garbage bag will serve as his balloon.
Only thing is, where to find helium?


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jeff said...

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