Friday, October 24, 2008

Eating a penis

Imagine you innocently surf the web and find accidentally a site called “The Cannibal Café”.
Where it says:

"Looking for a well-built 18 to 30-year-old to be slaughtered and then consumed".

What a nonsense and lunacy, right?

A German called Armin Meiwes published this message on a site.

A 46-year-old computer technician from the German city of Essen.
The meaning of the name of his town is in English “to eat” but it is not known this has inspired Armin Meiwes.

Any sane person would of course never respond to such a demand.
Who wants to be butchered and eaten?
But surprisingly enough, many people responded and offered to be slaughtered and eaten.
But all of them backed out when it was the moment of death.
Except a fellow named Bernd Jürgen Brandes.

A guy with a rich fantasy that he already had practiced by being involved in cross-dressing.

The two men got together in Meiwes’ home and videotaped how he amputated the penis of Bernd Jürgen Brandes.
Which was not an easy job as Brandes had insisted that Meiwes would bite it off.
That didn’t work so Meiwes used a knife.

The next thing these two men tried to do was to eat the freshly cut off penis.
Even Brandes tried but found his own uncooked penis too tough and chewy.
Meiwes then sautéed the penis in a pan with salt, pepper, and garlic, but by then it was too burned to be consumed.
That must have been disappointing.

Meiwes read a Star Trek book for three hours whilst his voluntary victim was bleeding to death in the bath.
Meiwes apparently gave him large quantities of alcohol and painkillers: 30 sleeping pills and a bottle of schnapps.
Finally, Meiwes kissed him once and killed Brandes in a room that he had built in his house for this purpose: “The Slaughter Room”. After stabbing Brandes to death in the throat, he hung the body on a meat hook and tore hunks of flesh from it.
He even tried to grind the bones to use as flour.
The whole scene was recorded on a two-hour videotape.
Meiwes ate the body over the next 10 months, storing body parts in his freezer under pizza boxes and consuming up to 20 kg of the flesh.

Meiwes was arrested in December 2002, after a man in Innsbruck phoned the police after seeing new advertisements on the Internet from Meiwes looking for victims and showing details about the killing.
Investigators searched his home and found body parts and the videotaped killing.

Originally Meiwes was convicted to 8 years in prison.
That was changed in 2005 into life in prison.
Meiwes didn’t agree because the victim voluntarily participated in the crime.
He appealed but this week the highest German court has spoken: Meiwes must stay all his life in prison.

We must realize that this cannibalism happened because of the Internet.
Nowadays people with different fantasies easily find persons sharing theirs.
Making the fantasies more real and concrete.
Coming very close to the step of actually meeting and performing the fantasy.
There are plenty of chat rooms on the Internet where cannibals or pseudo-cannibals meet.
And besides cannibalism many more websites devoted to extreme forms of human behaviour.

Check out for example the website:
Where you can see the most extreme things people do for their pleasure.

We are getting deeper and deeper into an economic crisis.
But much worse is that some of us are also sinking into moral drift sand.
Believing that it is OK to be a cannibal.
That you can post anything on the Internet.
No more boundaries and total freedom even when entering territory of perversion.

Before Internet out of the ordinary behaviour was harmonized by the society in which a person was integrated.
There were people to talk to.
To help.
To assist.
To correct.
To punish.

But now we live with a second society.
The first is the real one.
And the second is on the Internet.
Where anything goes.
Often wrong.


To learn more about Armin Meiwes, click on:

To see an excellent documentary about Armin Meiwes, click on:



Anonymous said...

i am a vegetarian. but a theoretical assumption: if man can kill every animal and plant under the sun and eat its 'penis' what is wrong in killing fellow human beings and eating them?? is it because man is a 'superior' animal? why this selective killing? man is killing man all the time anyway?? just a few thoughts.

raj from bombay.

jeff said...

Why would anyone fill there head with this garbage, I use my mind for better things. DELETE stuff like this from the mind. You not only took the time to write about this, but looked it up, made an opinion, pasted pictures and wrote about it. Total waste of precious time and life.