Thursday, October 9, 2008

Why build dams in your river?

This early morning nothing indicates that soon hell will break loose.
The osprey is sitting on his tree waiting for Miguel del Barco to get in touch with him.
And the Fuso Szulc is surrounded by hundreds of dragonflies.
This is because it is rather warm and a wind is blowing from the east.
The sky is blue with only some vague white clouds.

But tomorrow the dark clouds should come, followed by wind and rain.
Intensifying to hurricane conditions.

To play it on the safe side, “Estero del Tomate” will be evacuated today, following the serious advices of several fervent and loyal blog readers.

As life wants it, meanwhile another tropical storm is on its way...

This is the second time “Estero del Tomate” has to be abandoned within a month.
Some weeks ago the insects made it impossible to be here.
And it all started when on July 6 it turned out that the traditional location to live and work, the so beloved “El Triple” at the Pacific Ocean in Baja California, Mexico, had become unavailable.
After having been there frequently since 1979.

The immediate result of this situation is to have dreams of the house once owned in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Being somewhere is now not the own decision anymore.
“El Triple” has been taken away by a project developer to turn it into a resort.
“Estero del Tomate” first applied the flies and now “Norbert”, the hurricane.
It gives a feeling of being on the run.
Of not being able to really be somewhere.

This is why the dreams come up about the house in Amsterdam.
Where a life was lived of being integrated in a society: of being with a wife, of having three cats, a normal car, of having a regular social life with friends, of getting jobs.
All very fixed and sure things.

It is quite obvious when living as a permanent pilgrim that times are not always easy.
To see then dreams come that show the past in an unbalanced way.
For example, the dream suggests how wonderful it was to own a beautiful and large house in Amsterdam.
What a good feeling it was to have a home, a wife, cats and friends.
How comfortable it was to live in that house.
How great it was to have a place to go back to.

But after waking up rather emotional and disturbed because of the dream, things were better to be put in perspective.
It was raining a lot in Amsterdam.
A house needs frequently attention because of things breaking down or needing maintenance.
A lot of money needs to be made to be able to continue to afford to have a large and comfortable house in the city centre.
In fact, the house and the life lived there resulted in being deeply depressed.
It felt like being in the coffin on the way to the cemetery.
A truth not represented in the dream.

The thing to do is not to leave “Estero del Tomate” like a dog kicked away from the spot where he was peacefully resting.
Life is not to suffer when not necessary.

Hence, a hurricane is coming: so what?
This is how the river flows.
Why build a dam???



Anonymous said...

If death and destruction is on your agenda the next two days this is the way to go.
Meanwhile: "There are no answers only choices".

TiogaRV said...

The twig that bends in the wind may not break. Your home has wheels. What a wonderful thing for you!

Move and return when the storm passes. Or, perhaps try a different place in Mexico?

You are free!