Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sincere humanity

Although in a dry riverbed in Mexico, the American elections are closely followed listening to the BBC and Fox radio and seeing CNN television.

It is a pretty amazing event that might be of historic relevance.

Less than two weeks before the elections still 7 % of the American electorate is undecided.
It is difficult to understand how come that a person by now still doesn’t know who to vote.
What have they not been hearing?

Encouraging is that early voting has started and that thousands and thousands of people jumped on the occasion.
This is democracy in full swing.
People deeply involved in the political process and highly concerned about their country and how it will be governed.

But amazing to learn that people had to wait over three hours in line to vote.
Because not enough polling stations were open and because of failing voting machines.
These things happen sometimes in developing countries but obviously also in the most sophisticated society in the world.

And this is happening besides the voter registration fraud.
Conveniently called by Sarah Palin, voter fraud.
(Palin who is by now hated.)
This voter registration fraud is the result of the capitalist system.
The people having to do the voter registration were paid 8 Dollars an hour.
For this they were supposed to go out and look for people who wanted to register.
Several employees of Acorn simply stayed home and copied the phone book.
In no way this will influence the elections.
It is just another example of greed.
But it is used by the McCain-Palin garbage machine to slander the Democrats and most particularly Barack Obama.

Meanwhile the rest of the world has made up its mind who should be the next President of the USA.
A Gallup poll of 70 countries conducted from May through September has found widespread international support for Democratic candidate Barack Obama.
Around the world, respondents favoured Obama 4 to 1 over John McCain.
While in the USA, according to the Rasmussen Report, Obama is ahead by just four points, leading McCain 50 per cent to 46 per cent.
Gallup had Mr. Obama ahead 52 per cent to 41 per cent.

The news was also that the Grandmother of Barack Obama is seriously ill.
That he is flying to Hawaï to spend two days with her.
This lady has been raising the Presidential candidate and he has stated that she had been giving up everything to secure him a better future.
To interrupt the Presidential’ campaign is therefore a sign of high-class respect.
And a demonstration of sincere humanity.
We may wonder how many of the 7 % undecided American voters will get impressed by the significance of the Grandmother’s visit.


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Croft Randle said...

Like you say Michael, how can anyone be undecided at this point. If they do not yet know how they are going to vote I suspect they are part of the huge number of Americans who do not vote at all. I believe the present polls represent the desire for change.

We have yet to see what happens on Election Night when the truly dirty tactics to disenfranchise voters will be seen. In the past these have included criminally programmed voting machines, police interference at polling stations, conveniently "lost" ballot boxes from Democrat neighborhoods and polling stations in poor areas "moved" at the last minute.