Sunday, October 5, 2008

I love you this one, I love you that one

Landed in the nice city of La Paz, Baja California, Mexico.
Instead of going straight back to “Estero del Tomate”: the lagoon next to the Pacific Ocean.

The reason was to be able to meet the Mexican Señorita and spend time with her.

But floating with her in the pool of the trailer park “Casa Blanca” she explained she had come from San Jose del Cabo to La Paz to meet for a specific reason.
She had something to tell.

About one year ago her boyfriend left her and moved to another town in Mexico.
He broke off the relationship to build a new future elsewhere.

But recently he got in touch with her again claiming he missed her.
They agreed to meet again.
He would come to see her in San Jose del Cabo.

The relationship between the Mexican Señorita and the permanent pilgrim is very open, transparent and honest.
Hence, it was known the ex-boyfriend would come.
No objections were made.

For one exception though.
If the Mexican Señorita would decide to have sexual intercourse with the ex-boyfriend, the permanent pilgrim would not be available anymore.
This for health reasons.
Who knows what is the background and record of the ex-boyfriend over the last year in his town far away.
These are not days to take risks.

In the swimming pool of “Casa Blanca” the information was that sexual intercourse had been taken place.
No problem.
Except that the permanent pilgrim was not a sexual partner anymore.

So far so good.

Next, the information was that the ex-boyfriend wanted to come back to San Jose del Cabo.
He wanted to live with her.
Wanted to celebrate Christmas with her.
And wanted to have a baby and a family with her.

Hence, the simple question was, did you tell your ambitious ex-boyfriend, the candidate to be the father for your child, that you are currently involved with the permanent pilgrim?
No, she had not told him anything about it.
The guy thinks she is single.

Obviously she didn’t tell anything to the man returned to romance.
The guy would probably never have slept with her and certainly not have proposed her to have a baby together, if he had known she has currently a relationship and frequent exotic sexual escapades with another man.

There was a long discussion about this issue.
And the point of view of the Mexican Señorita is that in her culture you just don’t always tell the truth.

One weekend, so it is claimed, a Mexican lady sleeps with a man and says “Te quiero, te quiero” (I love you, I love you).
And the next weekend she sleeps with another man saying again “Te quiero, te quiero” and makes the man believe there is nobody else.

Whether this is a typical Mexican tradition or not, it is known that this way of operating exists worldwide.
And that many people reject this kind of behaviour as immoral.

The Mexican Señorita believes now the returned boyfriend will stick to his promises and come to live with her and make her the baby she so desperately wants.
Hoping he will never find out that his idea that she was single and only there for him was a rather incomplete version of her reality.

“Estero del Tomate” was left because there was a feeling time had to be spent elsewhere.
In the mountains.
As a result of this initiative, many things were made to change.
The matrix of the field of energy changed completely and out of the new context things came and things changed.
For the better.
For example, the Spanish Jesuit priest Miguel del Barco who build the church in San Javier, Baja California, Mexico became a tremendous inspiration to approach several projects in the portfolio with new vigour.
And magically opportunities were suddenly coming; opening new possibilities for what seemed to be stuck.

Today is the return to “Estero del Tomate” and the experience in the swimming pool with the Mexican Señorita is the highlight of the period of revelations.
Making it possible to proceed positively.
Free, clean, honest and sincere in giving and receiving.



Croft Randle said...

Good luck as you head into the next chapter of your life Michel. As one door closes, another opens.....

Anonymous said...

love and lust is like that, my friend!

raj from bombay

Anonymous said...

Everything will be all right, at the end you are a pilgrim, enjoy what is next and be happy for what she offered and what you both lived together.