Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ring him


I'm the webmaster of$$
I wanted to know if by any chance you would be interested in doing an unbiased review of our site on your blog

If you agree you can choose between receiving a product sample or receiving a payment.

If you choose the product sample instead of the payment the sample is yours to keep and you don’t need to send it back.

The product sample that you can get is Pe**op - a penis enhancer and you can see it there:

If you are interested please click here to receive your sample or your money:

This is an e-mail recently received and it demonstrates under what tremendous pressures a blogwriter comes sometimes.
To use the popularity of the blog to promote products to the innocent fervent and loyal blog readers.

But all the fervent and loyal blog readers know that this blog is not commercial.
The mentioning of any product or company here is always without hidden interests.
Even the amount of readers is of no concern.
So that opinion can be expressed freely and honestly.

In the case of the above proposition to make propaganda for Pe@@op, there were interesting but scaring details.
Please read the following agreement:
You agree that in exchange of the sample received you will write a review about the aforementioned product.
The review should contains no less than 300 words.
The content must be unique and original.
The review should contains no less than 3 outgoing links to either the home page or internal pages of the aforementioned site.
The links must contain the anchor text we will provide you.
You are allowed to use the images from the aforementioned site but not textual content.
The review should be published within 5 days of receipt of the sample.

The product Pe!!op is a metal ring that needs to be wrestled around the head of a penis.
Because here at the Rancho Punta Boca del Salado, Baja California, Mexico of the Gonzales family not easily volunteers for the experiment can be found, the dreadful consequence would be that the usual innocent blogwriter has to be the terrible victim.

That, accompanied by apologies offered to the fervent and loyal blog readers, is a price too high to pay.
To apply this ring on the proud member of the body just to be able to report how enhanced it became is truly a bridge too far.

Hence, it is considered to use one of the dogs of the Rancho.
To feed him some cookies and then gently lay him on his back.
To quickly slid the ring.
Well, what is wrong with that?
Rocky might like it!


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