Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Angelito means little angel

Gumaro said: "Are you coming with us to the cemetery tomorrow?".
The family was going to put flowers and place candles on the graves because of "Dia de los Muertos".
Being friends with the Gonzales for many years, by now most family members resting in the cemetery of Miraflores are known.
So, Gumaro's question was more a polite piece of information.
It was only natural to come.

At the cemetery of Miraflores are buried the parents of Gumaro and the parents of his wife Lucretia.
The custom is that each parent has its own tomb.
A small house with a little altar inside.
Built next to each other.
In Europe most couples want to be buried in one grave together.
Not so in Mexico though.
Each deceased parent in its own little house gets on "Dia de los Muertos" several pots of artificial flowers.
And a visit inside where a prayer is said.

Parents die.
That's only the natural way of things.
And because in the case of the Gonzales it is quite some years ago, the visit is without too much emotion.

This is different when the tomb and little house of Angelito is visited.
He is the son of Gumaro and Lucretia.
Died too young of a kidney disease about 5 years ago.
And this is a deep wound.

Especially the mother, Lucretia, has never been the same after the son's death.
And on "Dia de los Muertos" she goes into the little house alone and all waiting outside hear her cry in such a sad way.
It is total grief.
Hard pain for a bad loss.

When Lucretia eventually comes out of Angelito's little house, it is Gumaro who goes in.
And he can be heard too.
Gumaro, a strong and proud and good man, crying for the the loss of his son he loved so much.

Next, there are the other members of the family who go inside and pray or meditate.
And because the pioneering photographer is considered by the Gonzales as a member of the family, inside the little house Angelito is tenderly remembered as the beautiful and happy boy he was.
Memories so soft and sweet that his departure from this world is making the eyes wet.

Afterwards, when all the flowers are put and candles are lighted and the crying is done, there is relief with everyone.
Like normal breathing is possible again.
And an even stronger bond between the Gonzales can be felt.


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