Sunday, November 29, 2009

Somewhere in heaven

In all artist's careers an opening of an exhibition of the own work is a big event.
Usually an exhibition is a milestone: a marker with a public inventory of what has been produced.
Besides, it is an excellent opportunity to present work to a larger audience and get exposure.
And of course it is a chance to meet friends and share some wonderful moments.

All this is currently a relevance because this afternoon is the opening of the exhibition of sequences and the presentation of the new book "Sequences: the ultimate selection".
Many people are expected and it will be a magical event.

But it is not the first time a book is published and an exhibition of the work is presented.
Therefore, a deja vu feeling exists besides the excitement and the happiness.
It is walking, although with great pleasure, on the same avenue once more.

Also the exhibition, the opening and the book presentation are standing in the shadow of a much bigger event happening simultaneously.
And this much bigger event is something without any deja vu.

Most if not all fervent and loyal blog readers know the expression: to feel in heaven.
Maybe even some of the fervent and loyal blog readers have been in heaven like the pioneering photographer has.
But these days it is discovered that in this heaven different spaces can be found.
It is not true that heaven is just one space or area.
It has different sections and this is decided by quality, uniqueness and intensity.
These days life has moved into an area of heaven that has never been visited before.
It hasn't been found by accident or after a private safari.
Access has been achieved thanks to the Queen of Dreams who knows the way very well.

This particular part of heaven was unknown and is therefore pretty amazing to be in.
Scaring though at the same time because it is an unfamiliar place that challenges to open parts of the emotional repertoire never performed before.

This unique and exquisite experience has pushed the events of the opening and the book publication into the background.
Where they shine and glory nevertheless.

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luvglass said...

How nice! Best of luck to you both.