Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A huge Hughes headache

From to 02.00 to 09.00 PM the satellite connection slows down so much, that even e-mailing is impossible.
This is because the company Hughes has too many customers on the satellite.
Obviously in the afternoon and early evening many people get on the internet and cause overflowing.
Lowering the transmission speeds seriously.
In the morning one gets 1,45 megabytes per second downloading but in the late afternoon it drops to 0,08 megabytes per second.

What to do about this?

For example have a live chat with Faith.
Who works at the help desk of Hughes.

[Nov 10 2009 9:13:09 AM] Welcome to our chat customer support .
[Nov 10 2009 9:13:13 AM] Michel, you have been connected to Faith
Faith(Nov 10 2009 9:13:21 AM): Michel, welcome to HughesNet Technical Support. You are chatting with Faith.
Faith(Nov 10 2009 9:13:31 AM): Hi Michel, how are you doing today?
Michel(Nov 10 2009 9:13:41 AM): Hi Faith
Faith(Nov 10 2009 9:14:00 AM): I understand that you are experiencing slow browsing, am I correct?
Michel(Nov 10 2009 9:15:03 AM): only from 2.00 to 9.00 pm
Faith(Nov 10 2009 9:15:43 AM): May I know the model number of the HughesNet modem?
Michel(Nov 10 2009 9:16:14 AM): HN7000S
Faith(Nov 10 2009 9:17:08 AM): Are you logged into Chat Support on the computer that is connected to the HughesNet modem?
Michel(Nov 10 2009 9:17:40 AM): yes
Faith(Nov 10 2009 9:17:43 AM): How many blue lights are lit on the HughesNet modem?
Michel(Nov 10 2009 9:18:15 AM): all
Faith(Nov 10 2009 9:18:20 AM): Have you tried deleting cookies and temporary Internet files from the computer?
Michel(Nov 10 2009 9:19:15 AM): YES
Faith(Nov 10 2009 9:19:22 AM): Michel, is the HughesNet modem directly connected to the computer or is there a router in between?
Michel(Nov 10 2009 9:20:54 AM): I tried both with same result
Faith(Nov 10 2009 9:21:31 AM): have you performed the Web response test?
Michel(Nov 10 2009 9:22:03 AM): many
Faith(Nov 10 2009 9:22:59 AM): As per the records it indicates that there are no Web response test been performed.
Faith(Nov 10 2009 9:24:11 AM): Procedure to perform the web response test.

1. Open the link

2. Under the Self Help, click on Tools.

3. Under the Tools, click on System Performance Test.

4. Besides "Please enter your SAN/Site ID:" enter your SAN/ Site ID .

5. Click on Continue.

6. Click on the Tab that says Initiate Web Response Test

7. Each test should be performed at least five times per session. The session results should be averaged to determine results.

8. Click on View Web response History to view the test results.

Michel(Nov 10 2009 9:24:38 AM): I did a Web Response Test 30 min ago
Faith(Nov 10 2009 9:26:05 AM): I request you to perform the Web response test by following the steps provided above.
Michel(Nov 10 2009 9:26:18 AM): Result:7,9 sec, 4,7 6,4 5,1 7,0
Faith(Nov 10 2009 9:27:35 AM): May I know the Site ID you have entered to generate the results?
Michel(Nov 10 2009 9:28:59 AM): But yesterday at 6.00 pm: 49,3 39,4 77,9
Faith(Nov 10 2009 9:29:17 AM): There are no Web response test encountered under the Site ID that is 1C468781.
Michel(Nov 10 2009 9:31:14 AM): At 7.09 am
Faith(Nov 10 2009 9:32:01 AM): If the response time is below 12 seconds it indicates that the browsing speeds that you are getting are good and if it is above 12 seconds consistently then please call us to troubleshoot the issue.
Faith(Nov 10 2009 9:32:23 AM): I would request you to perform these tests at three different intervals [morning, evening, night]. You need to perform five Web response tests per session.
Faith(Nov 10 2009 9:34:16 AM): Are you there?
Michel(Nov 10 2009 9:34:53 AM): I did the tests and clearly speeds drop on your side from 2 to 9 PM
Faith(Nov 10 2009 9:36:04 AM): As per the Web response test results it seems that the speeds are ideal.
Michel(Nov 10 2009 9:36:12 AM): it is not a problem on this side
Michel(Nov 10 2009 9:37:11 AM): 49,3 seconds ideal ?
Faith(Nov 10 2009 9:37:30 AM): I understand your concerns; however, in order to isolate the issue we require the Web response test results for different intervals.
Michel(Nov 10 2009 9:39:02 AM): I did and then you claim negative
Faith(Nov 10 2009 9:38:56 AM): As I have mentioned before in order to obtain the Web response test results you need to enter the Site ID as IC468781.
Faith(Nov 10 2009 9:39:32 AM): Please do not enter the SAN for the account to obtain the results.
Faith(Nov 10 2009 9:41:04 AM): I would request you to perform these tests at three different intervals [morning, evening, night]. You need to perform five Web response tests per session. Enter the Site ID as IC468901.
Michel(Nov 10 2009 9:41:56 AM): The problem is too many customers put on satellite
Michel(Nov 10 2009 9:43:46 AM): My speeds are good except from 2 to 9 PM
Faith(Nov 10 2009 9:43:38 AM): I apologize for the issue that you are experiencing.
Michel(Nov 10 2009 9:44:55 AM): Even e-mail not working
Faith(Nov 10 2009 9:46:20 AM): I am sorry the Site ID that is required to obtain the results is 1C468781.
Faith(Nov 10 2009 9:47:01 AM): The Site ID comprises of numbers and one alphabet.
Michel(Nov 10 2009 9:47:42 AM): This was used
Michel(Nov 10 2009 9:49:24 AM): It is on your side fixing needed
Faith(Nov 10 2009 9:50:25 AM): I am sorry; however, we will not be in a position to isolate the issue without the results.
Faith(Nov 10 2009 9:50:58 AM): The correct Site ID for the account is 1C468781.

Time to leave Faith so she can kill another customer.
Meanwhile, desperation growing.
Speeds so slow from 2 to 9 PM that e-mailing is impossible.
Web Response Test made but not trackable by Hughes.
Help Desk sending customer into the marshes.

The moment coming to dump the whole Hughes system into the Sea of Cortez.



luvglass said...

I agree, dealing with Hughes is very frustrating, but what is the alternative???

Dawn Pier said...

I have suggested to Michel, and will put it here for others who may be experiencing a similar problem, that it may be possible to buy a Starband system and to take it to different locations where you can set it up without much difficulty. Based on all the difficulties you are having with Hughes, it may be worth the expense to get a different system. Starband is not perfect, but it is better than Hughes.