Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thinking and sinking or swinging and singing?

A permanent pilgrim can never stay in one place too long.
Why is this?
Because what is new becomes old over time.

Once arrived on a new location, many impressions enter the consciousness.
Most new and refreshing, stimulating and inspiring.
That effect remains only for a certain period.
It looses eventually its freshness and sinks into routine and cliché.
Until no more new impressions are available.

24 days have been spent on the rancho of the Gonzales family at Punta Boca del Salado, Baja California, Mexico.
And clearly the point has been reached that the balance has found its horizontal position and is now going down into the area of routine and cliché.
The surprising and beautiful aspects of being here have grown old and have withered.
Opening the side of reality where the negatives are which are pressing and pushing to move on.

The beautiful sea is still there.
The sunshine and the warmth.
The warm seawater to swim in every morning.
The blue sky and the freedom of living in nature.
But it can't seduce anymore.

Now the many tire tracks of the quad bikes are seen on the beach making it look like an unpaved street with heavy traffic.

Now disgust has been reached for Alfredo tying up two of his dogs on very short chains to trees and then leave for a holiday with his girlfriend.
Making the dogs after four days without food and water howl and bark with total desperation.

Now sadness is felt for the Gonzales family because they are hooked to watching soap operas on TV all day.
Episodes full of false emotions and baroque drama offering sentimental garbage for the soul that is consumed by the friends like addicts.

Now opposition has grown to its maximum for having to wait immobile in one place to see the new photo book "Sequences: the ultimate selection" and to meet the "Queen of Dreams".
When moving and traveling these events will start approaching at high speed.

It is time to go when the situation one happens to be in is turning against the visitor.
Too much negativity opening up in the territory.
Where is now too much thinking and sinking.
Better to leave for swinging and singing.

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