Monday, November 2, 2009

lustfully in love

A conversation with long time friend Lydia.
She is a + 40 woman working for a big company and lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Lydia is married to a man originally from another continent and they have two teenage children.

The conversation was triggered by a rather abstract message Lydia had put on Facebook.
She wrote for all her Facebook friends to see:
"Under your spell"

From which this friend understood she was in emotional turmoil.
It was presumed Lydia had fallen in love.

And this was indeed the case.
In the recent conversation she could speak more openly.
And explained she was hit by lightning.
Had met a person and now her emotional household was in total disarray.
Lydia very much in love.
Off her feet.
Lost lustfully.

But then something remarkable.
During the conversation about her new adventure it became clear that the person in question is a woman.
Lydia, a married woman with two children and a husband, had fallen in love with another lady.

Suddenly, the concept that was alive of Lydia, a heterosexual woman with a man and kids, had to be adjusted.
Obviously she is a person who can also fall in love with persons of the same sex.

Within the context of the society as exists in the Netherlands, this is no problem.
Heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, you are allowed to live as you like.
In general there is a high level of tolerance and liberalism.
There is freedom in this matter.

This cannot be said of many other countries in this world.
Where a married woman falling in love with another woman might end up crucified.
Or negatively judged and discriminated.

Hearing the story of Lydia tremendous joy arose.
For two reasons.
How wonderful for Lydia to have this experience.
She is a beautiful woman and for her to have these great emotions is, as her friend, enjoyed and appreciated deeply.
The other reason is that it was noticed that morally it is absolutely no problem to hear Lydia is emotionally involved with another woman.
Why would emotions for others be limited by gender?

After talking about Lydia's exciting life, she asked about what was going on with the emotions of the pioneering photographer these days.
Turmoil too but that is another posting.


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jeffinillinois said...

This fervent and somewhat loyal blog reader is curious if her husband has a high level of tolerance and liberalism.