Monday, November 23, 2009

What about?

La Quinta Inns and Suites on West Century Boulevard in Los Angeles, California, USA.
Room 808.

What is this posting today going to be about?
A funny story about staying in a hotel?
Or a critical report how the hotel is?

Or maybe how it is to sleep in a bed in a room in a building and having a bathroom with plenty of warm water and a bath; things that were not in the existence for the last five months living in an expedition vehicle?

Or going up and down in an elevator sleeping on the eighth floor far above the ground?

Or maybe seeing from the window airplanes silently land while the heating in the room powered by a fan blows with lots of noise warm air into the room?

Or what about the toilet in the beautiful bathroom that has a broken flush so that the water keeps on running and running?

Or else the posting might be about those hairs that were found in the bathtub left behind by the former guest and not cleaned away by the room maid?

Or for sure it could be about the large king size bed in which one does not exactly feel like a king but as a long distance traveller to family, friends, the Queen of Dreams and to many engagements in Europe?

Or, staying with this bed, about the six large pillows that the hotel management decided to put on it while in fact they are only in the way?

Or maybe about the window that cannot be opened while there is a desperate urge to be able to breath and fill the lungs with clean and pure air.

Hence, what should this posting today be about?
Does anyone have a suggestion?


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Anonymous said...

It is always fascinating when you write about sex.
More of that, please.