Saturday, November 21, 2009

To fit or not to fit

American Airlines fly from San Jose del Cabo, Los Cabos International Airport in Baja California, Mexico to different destinations in the USA.
One of them is Los Angeles.
In very old airplanes: the MD 80.

But they fly on time, serve drinks for free and the crew is very friendly.
For a low price so what the heck?

Sometimes a dream is to have a scene witnessed could be filmed.
Otherwise, who would believe it or could properly imagine it?
Like the next experience.
Once seated in the American Airlines MD80, a huge woman was the one going to be the neighbor.
Obviously a victim to obesity, she was carrying in her hands a large styrofoam box and a book.
She moved in and then wanted to lower down to sit in her chair.
Now, the distance between the armrests is about 1 meter, correct?
However, the behind of this lady was much more than that.
When she lowered it down, she got stuck with it between the armrests.
The one meter available was just not enough.
Therefore she had to push herself against the chair in front of her to force the mass of meat behind her to squeeze in between the arm rests.
It was an amazing spectacle.
Demonstrating how hard the life of an obese person is.
Simply sitting down in an airplane seat is a hard and difficult task.
But once seated, the lady was all right.
Her warm flesh could be felt touching the leg of her fellow passenger.

She put her book in the pocket of the chair in front of her and opened the large styrofoam box.
In there, like dead bodies after an earthquake, neatly arranged, were four hotdogs.
White, soaky bread with mayonnaise and mustard and a large Frankfurter sausage in between.
A dizzying smell came out of that box almost fainting the vegetarian neighbor.
With unwashed hands these hotdogs were eaten and for a drink there was a diet coke.
In fact, a conversation was imagined with this lady.
This strong urge coming up because it was so hard to understand that when somebody is that obese, does eat fat Frankfurter sausages on white bread with mayonnaise and mustard.
The lady must know that this is unhealthy food and enlarging her obesity.
It can't be that if her fellow passenger had told her that this was the wrong food she was to be surprised and say it was the first time in her life she ever heard that.
That can't be.
So, why would that lady chose to eat that food then?
Is it addiction?
Self destruction?
A good question to meditate on during the two hours flight because the lady was not disturbed with difficult questions so that she could enjoy her food peacefully.

A tea was consumed and as if the devil was playing on of his nasty games, an urge to ahve to go the bathroom developed.
But as the loyal and fervent blog readers so very well know, their faithful reporter was having on one side the window and on the other the obese woman.
And next to her the husband who was not exactly a skinny boy either.
The mind instructed the body to forget to go to the bathroom for the next hour.
And the concentration returned to "The three Musqueteers" by Alexandre Dumas.
But this nagging urge returned quickly and eventually it was realized a disaster would take place if not a visit was paid urgently to the bathroom.
It took a lot of courage, for sure.
A lot of balls.
The personality had to be put in the max mode.
All insecurity abandoned.
For only to say to the obese woman: "Excuse me but I need to go to the bathroom".
She turned more pale than she already was.
A deep sigh came out of her.
Radiating unhappiness and annoyance.
But what could she do?
Tell her fellow passenger to pee in the pants?
But she came up with a solution.
Getting out of her chair was namely not an option.
For she had to get back in as otherwise she would obstruct any traffic in the aisle.
To have to repeat the whole procedure when her friend returned from the bathroom.
Her solution was to make herself as small as possible, which was actually not that small, and have her fellow traveller climb over her.
If any of you have doubts about doing yoga, daily exercises and staying in shape, be convinced that in such a situation it really pays off.
Like an acrobat in Cirque du Soleil, in spite of the full bladder, elegantly and professionally the obese hurdle was conquered and almost all passengers behind applauded the amazing effort.
Of course, her husband was instructed to take the window seat.
To simplify the return.
And to be in a safer place.
No one wants to sit at the window and an obese lady on the other side when an emergency landing followed by an evacuation is performed.

Once in Los Angeles a car was rented from a company called Fox.
For $ 15 a day.
However, for that money the customer gets an old Chrysler FT Cruiser.

And there were many available as the economy is still not doing very well.
The pioneering photographer is not pretentious and willd rive any car that is rented.
But a Chrysler FT Cruiser is not exactly a favorite.
It has a retro-design and when this car was launched it was hip and sophisticated to drive.
But nowadays it is hopelessly old fashioned and sending out wrong signals.
Fortunately another car was spotted and selected.
A brand new Hyundai Elantra with only 8 miles on the clock.

It was the first time it was rented.
Still smelling like a brand new car.
Modern, economic and equipped with everything a driver can dream of.

The trip was to go from Los Angeles international airport to the town of Temecula in California.
Normally this takes two hours.
But it was a friday and late afternoon.
And before the Thanksgiving holidays.
Therefore the highways were overflowed with cars.
The Interstate 405, the 91 and the I-15, all their lanes full with cars wanting to go home.
Driving at speeds that would make a horse fly by.
It took five hours instead.
Most of the distance going at the speed of a pedestrian.

Sitting in the car, hungry and hollow, it was realized to have landed in uttermost madness.
The total and complete insanity humans are able to create.
And once in this mess, one can't go out.
Two meters more, stop.
One meter more, stop.
Three meters more, stop.
Can't go left.
Can't go right.
One meter more, stop.

How about getting out of the car and just leaving where it is?
To walk to a nearby hotel and go to sleep?
Who is crazy then?

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