Friday, November 6, 2009

Very, very nervous

It is only two weeks from now that the journey from Mexico to Europe will start.
This is a regular event that has happened many times over the years.
But this time it comes with tremendous excitement besides many other violent emotions.
Inner turbulence already shaking existence while the journey is still fourteen days away.

There are two reasons for this exceptional stretching and intense vibrating of the nerves and emotions.

One is that the new photo book "Sequences: the ultimate selection" will be published shortly after arriving in Europe.
This will occur during the opening of an exhibition of the sequences in Galerie Baudelaire in Antwerp, Belgium on November 29.
Around this opening and publication lots of activities have been organized.
Signings, meetings, appointments, lectures, workshops and master classes.
Each event is looked forward to as something wonderful to experience.
It feels like going to have a tremendous birthday party.
Thus it is hard to wait another two weeks for the festivities to start.

Weren't there two reasons for being extremely excited for going to Europe this time?
The second reason is equal in quality to the first one.
On August 16 an e-mail was received of a person offering her services for collaborating on one of the photo projects that are planned to be performed in the near future.
A communication came into existence and in fact, in a short time, it became personal.
It was not only about the photo project anymore, but also very much about the private lives.
Soon, also SKYPE was used for the communication and this allowed to see each other on the computer screen.
This is how it was discovered what an exceptional and beautiful person destiny has allowed to come into life.
But to grow close to someone through internet stirs the desire to want desperately to meet in person.
The sending of e-mails and to see each other only on the computer screen become a drag.
Both are very, very ready to meet now, pronto, immediately, but then the flight is in two weeks.
Of course it has been tried to change the dates of the journey but airline Swiss makes that too difficult.
The meeting will take place at the airport of Schiphol, Amsterdam and is already adding seriously to all the excitement surrounding the coming European tour.
How will it be to meet not in cyberspace but in reality?


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luvglass said...

It's nice that at your age, with your varied life experiences, you can still get excited like a teenager. Enjoy!