Friday, November 13, 2009

Running to or away?

There is a link between temperature and running.
The lower the temperature, the more easy running is.

As one of the daily exercises, at around 5 pm, after careful stretching, a run is made.

During the summer months at the Pacific Coast this would be for 35 to 45 minutes and at a low speed.
This because temperatures were over 32º C ( 90º F ) and with a humidity of over 80 %.

But now, in november and at the Sea of Cortez, the daily run is for over 55 minutes and increasing every time.
At 5 pm it is about 27º C ( 80º F ) with a humidity of about 60 %.

Nevertheless, conditions now being more favorable, before each run a large glass of water and a handful of dried raisins are swallowed.
And although the road that is used for the exercise is hilly, going up and down and therefore breaking any constant rhythm of running, without total exhaustion the task is completed.

Running every day and for such semi-marathon times can get boring.
Hence, incentives must be introduced to keep it an interesting challenge.
Nowadays a lot of motivation is found in trying to break again the one hour barrier.
To run for over one hour non stop.
Probably today this landmark will be reached.

Next, a new target must be set.
Otherwise it will be too hard to have motivation to run again and this for at least one hour as that has become the new standard.
So, maybe the challenge must become next one hour and fifteen minutes.

Why is all this daily running going on, a fervent and loyal blog reader with concern and empathy may ask.
Why not instead relax on the beach in the sunshine with a beer in one hand and a gal in the other?

What to say now?

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raj said...

exercise is the best remedy for everything. the body and the mind are made to move. the moment you stop, you are dead!!!!!!