Friday, November 20, 2009

Death dog becoming phantom

The good dog Torrit is dead.
Killed by the dogs of the guards.

Yesterday he was found in a dry river bed.
Not far from the road.
With blood at his throat.

Torrit was a good dog.
Never making trouble.
Patient and kind.

There is not only sadness these days.
But also the continuation of Torrit's presence but now as a phantom dog.
In many situations he is felt to be there while he is not.
For example, while running on the road, his footsteps are heard behind.
Turning the head to see him, the road is as empty as the moon.
Or waking up and coming out of the Fuso Szulc.
Torrit is felt to be waiting as usual but once outside he is not there.

Those are very painful moments.
Deepening the sadness.
While it was just a dog.
Who lived together for only four weeks.

Another layer of sadness added to Torrit's one is caused by the fact that today Punta Boca del Salado, the Gonzales family and the beautiful life next to the Sea of Cortez comes to an end.
The Fuso Szulc will go to San Jose del Cabo and will be put in storage.
The journey will continue by airplane to Los Angeles.
From there in a rental car to Temecula, California, USA.

This means that the daily publication of postings on this blog might get a hiccup.
Due to unavailability to access to the Internet.
That's good.
Gives time for the sadness to end.



Dawn Pier said...

Que le vaya bien mi amigo.

raj said...

i am sad too. but next time please ensure that the dog is always close to you in unfamiliar territory.

jeffinillinois said...

I'm sorry you lost a friend Michel.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Amigo, Alonso