Monday, November 9, 2009

Pictures from Iran

One of the most interesting journeys that has been made in the last three years was the one to Iran.
Where is a society radically different from the European countries and the USA.
A country with beautiful landscapes and impressive cities.
And the most friendly people one can meet.
Sweet, open and hospitable.

Hence, many friends were made.
And still there is a longing to return to Iran to travel there again.

One of the friends is Ziba Maghrebi.
A young, professional photographer living with her parents in Tehran.

Recently she sent an e-mail asking if she could publish her images on this blog.
What a wild and daring proposition !
To imagine to use another's photographer blog as a platform for the promotion of the own work.
Because it was so unusual, courageous and completely surprising, immediately Ziba got sympathy and support.
She got a positive reply right away.

That's why today we are able to enjoy Ziba Maghrebi's pictures of the Iranian town of VELENJAK.
Images made from the Alborz mountain.
Her comment to her pictures is:
"When I took these picture I wanted to go far away from Tehran, but a kind of violence
still there was inside of me. so the result is what you see".


Anonymous said...

THose pictures are awful.

raj said...

this is a very good idea though...

Ziba said...

my pictures are not awful, may be you can not understand.