Friday, November 27, 2009

Sorry, sorry, sorry

These days are hectic, amazing, surprising, exciting, fabulous, fantastic and wonderful.
It is everything now and here while no clue exists about even the near future.
As each hour of the day is filled to the brim, how can a daily posting be written?
When tomorrow the exhibition is to open and the photo book "Sequences: the ultimate selection" is published?
When the Queen of Dreams is at the side day and night?
Therefore consideration is requested.


Marie Louise said...

You're not going to give up are you ?

Marie Louise said...

I tried leaving a comment before, but am not sure it worked. Apologies. So, I like your blog, your stories make me laugh, and therefore, wanted to let you know that i hope that the fact that you find it hard to keep posting doesn't mean you are thinking of not continuing your blog, it is simply too good for that