Monday, November 16, 2009

Hughes problems

Since the new HN7000S modem was installed a strange phenomenon occurs with the Hughes Satellite System.
Everything works fine.
E-mailing, SKYPING, chatting, web surfing, files uploading, files downloading.
Except from 01.00 to 09.00 pm.
During that time the transmission speeds go down so seriously that most is not working.

In several ways efforts have been made to solve this problem.
To no avail.
Continuing to be unable to operate normally during the most important hours of the day.

Today a new initiative to solve the problem.
About half an hour from the rancho of the Gonzales family, where the Fuso Szulc is temporarily parked, lives a dear friend.
She has a phone with which the USA can be called as a national call.
Including 800 numbers.

The Fuso Szulc will be made travel-ready this morning.
To drive to the house of the friend.
Once there, the Hughes Satellite System will be turned on and connection with the SatMex5 made.
Next, the Hughes help centre will be called.
An 800 number but in fact the customer is connected to a call centre somewhere in India.
While on the phone and at the same time connected to the SatMex5, they must be able to figure out what is wrong.
They can do tests and other research.

For now today's posting stops but in a few hours more information will appear right here with a report on the progress, if any.

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