Saturday, November 7, 2009

Men are the smartest

Recently a long time friend sent an e-mail having the subject: "Women explained by engineers".
In this e-mail were 5 images relating to women.

It is easy to see that these images express an opinion.
An opinion about women in general.
And an opinion that is cliché.

It is popular among men to say that women are complicated.
That they shop for hours and spend a lot of money.
That they argue in a way to become the ones who are right no matter what.

All this is of course total nonsense.
And stupid.

Hence the idea was born to take two of the images and manipulate in the software program Photoshop.
To turn the message of the image around by switching the women for the men.
So that the man becomes the complicated one and that the woman is the good one.
So that the man shops for hours and spends a fortune and that the woman goes directly to the specific store and stays within the budget.

Published on this blog without any additional comment it was a matter of waiting only a short time for comments to come in.
Of men only of course.
Saying: "you got it backwards!!!"
Giving proof that men are such smart alecks.

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