Sunday, November 8, 2009

Just say it

In the town of San Jose del Cabo, Baja California, Mexico is an exceptional restaurant.
Called "Cynthia's".
They serve only organic food.
And this in an environment truly spectacular.
Beautifully decorated creating a fabulous ambiance.
It is all of the highest taste while at the same time nothing posh or decadent.

Lunch in this stunning restaurant was with two friends.
Sitting at a table outside on the patio with warm sunshine projecting rays of lights through the shades.
So it came to this point of realization what an exceptional moment it was.
What a privilege to be in Mexico and to eat in this restaurant and most of all, to share this top time with these two beautiful persons.
Hence, why not just tell them that?
Indeed, why not?
"By the way, I feel privileged to be having lunch in this restaurant with two beautiful ladies as you both are".

And how did these two women respond to this honest remark?
With uneasiness, dear fervent and loyal blog readers.
Expressing this by saying their legs were being pulled maybe?
Unable to believe it was an honest and truly meant remark.
Plunging into skepticism.

Isn't this often the case though?
When a nasty remark is made, we know how to defend ourselves and take it in a way it won't hurt us.
But if somebody makes a positive compliment, we get suspicious.

Totally unjustified.
The two ladies are beautiful indeed.
They have a good heart, are caring, warm, social and loyal.
Besides that they are very attractive as well.
Of course it is for a man an exceptional privilege to lunch with two ladies like them.

Nearby a couple was spotted in their late 50's.
Studying in silence the interior design of the restaurant because in the years of their relationship they had said to each other everything there is to say.
The man saw the party at the other table, two beautiful ladies and a man, having a lively, interesting and entertaining conversation.
For sure he realized the man with the two ladies was privileged.

The skepticism was questioned among the three friends.
The two ladies were asked why they responded in this way.
Why they were not able to simply say: thank you.
Or, we feel privileged too.
Or, we are beautiful just like you.

The ladies are not to blame for their defensive response.
They are not used to men saying such things.
And if they say such a thing, there is a male master plan behind it to achieve or obtain something else.
Hence, women are often on the defensive out of necessity.

This spring was a lunch in another exceptional restaurant.
Called "First Class", a true art-deco restaurant in the Central Station of Amsterdam.
The company was one of the most talented Dutch young photographers.
It was a wonderful lunch.
The impressing interior of the restaurant, excellent vegetarian food and one of the most exceptional and beautiful persons among the friends.

After the lunch, traveling in a train, this was realized.
And immediately an SMS was sent.
Just this: "You are a very exceptional person".
Within minutes she replied:
"You are an exceptional person too".

Why not say what is the truth?
Without restrictions?
Without being reserved, defensive or shy?

So, today, tell the one near to you: you are beautiful.
But only if you feel this is the absolute truth.

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