Saturday, May 19, 2007

Airplanes landing in the bed.

That hurts.
Having to leave the Fuso Santek behind.
And the life style it represents.
But it is only for three weeks.
The Fuso Santek remains with Santek Trailers in Riverside, California, and will get improvements.
And it is exciting to go to Europe again to visit family and friends and do bussiness in the Netherlands, Poland, France and Spain.

A shuttle bus from Santek Trailers to a hotel called Tradewinds Airport Hotel on West Century Boulevard near the Los Angeles International Airport.
The driver of the Prime Time shuttle bus told he had been on the road all night and needed directions to a filling station and the highway.
While eventually cruising on the highway in his mirror his face could be seen and how his eyes slowly closed.
Too tired.
He got out of a travel bag a small box with pills and took a tablet bringing us safely to the Tradewinds Airport Hotel.

This hotel was booked as usual through
But almost immediately it was realized it had been a tragic mistake.
A run down place in a bad neighbourhood.
With rude employees, noisy traffic and loud rock and roll music, the telephone and the WIFI in the room not working and low overcoming airplanes landing in the bed.

This Tradewinds Hotel has strange policies.
The address it is suggesting to have is incorrect.
And they advertise the hotel under two different names with different pictures and information while clients end up in the same rathole.
On the website many horror stories of people having stayed in the Tradewinds Hotel can be read.
Like this couple who were settled in their room to discover that the flush of their toilet didn’t work.
They had to fill the waste basket with water to empty in the toilet as a way of flushing.
Obviously, a message will be send to to take off the Tradewind Hotel from their website in case they are concerned about their reputation.

Soon after arrival in the Tradewinds Hotel friend Jochen came by.
To spend the afternoon together visiting places in Santa Monica and the Getty Museum.
While having a fabulous dinner in one of the restaurants of the Getty Museum the conversation turned to the Second World War.
Friend Jochen is German.
His father has been an officer in Hitler’s army.
When the Allies landed in Normandy, France, in june 1944, Jochen’s father was based in the city of Caen.
As coincidence wants it, the father of this blogwriter was a commander of a Polish tank division attacking this very city of Caen.

While being friends and enjoying a beautiful dinner in the Getty Museum in Los Angeles it was discovered that the respective fathers had been face to face and fighting each other.

What is giving hope is that besides being very surprised by the rare coincidence, this fact has no negative impact on the current friendship.


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