Wednesday, May 2, 2007

No direction home.

Bob Dylan used to be a singer/songwriter adored and of importance but nowadays he is a kind of weird DJ on XM satellite radio.

In his good days he once wrote a song called “Like a rolling stone”.
The chorus lines are:

“How does it feel?
To be on your own
With no direction home
Like a complete unknown
Like a rolling stone?”

For all of us it is essential to have a direction in life.
If there is no direction, one becomes a “complete unknown”.
Which means a person without a personality.
Being lost in the web of life.
The spider that can’t find the way to the caught fly anymore.

People have come up with all kinds of solutions to have a direction in life.
The most common one is to have a family.
A husband or a wife and children.
The “direction home” is to live for the family.
To take care they are all well, safe and sound.
Usually resulting in feelings of accomplishment and fulfilment.

But more and more we find in Western societies people who choose not to create a family and pursue other and new directions in life.
New ambitions and goals.
This is very good for society because there are already enough people on this planet and we desperately need innovation.
In the longer term, we are slowly killing life and ending our existence and only by new revolutionary technological inventions and new ways of philosophical and consequently political thinking can we escape of this fatal disaster.
For this we need a mobilization of every man and woman to invest, as a main purpose in life, the talents and capacities to turn the tide.

An essential precondition for a fruitful process of innovation and positive progress is that the society in which this takes place is a well functioning democracy.
Where are freedom, equality and brother- and sisterhood.

The whole world was watching in amazement yesterday what was happening in a country being so proud of their democracy that they want to export it worldwide.

There have been fair and honest elections.
Resulting in a power shift.
One particular political party now dominates the House and Senate.
This is the will of the majority of the people.
Therefore, the majority of the people, in the most democratic way possible, wanted a change in a policy that has been proven disastrous, devastating and plainly wrong.

What the world has been witnessing yesterday is that what the majority of the people wants to see happen, was overruled by the current Government.
Countries where this happens, a Government refusing to accept decisions of the majority of its people, are called autocracies.
An autocracy is a regime that is ruling based on absolute power.
It is the opposite of a democracy.

Innovation and positive progress do not find fertile grounds in an autocracy.
It eventually results in:

“How does it feel?
To be on your own
With no direction home
Like a complete unknown
Like a rolling stone?”



Kathryn said...

Why is there no "hue and cry" from the populace? Why are the youth so quiet, the over-30s so silent, and those who stood up against the last war so still? Is it true that "the answer to crazy people (the current administration) is silence" as a Middle Eastern proverb claims????

Anonymous said...

Michel you forgot one thing. The House and Senate can over ride the veto if the can get the votes to do it. If the people really want it bad enough then the votes will be made.

So it not a true autocracy.

Anonymous said...

Why do you come to America and nit-pick our political system? I would not go to your home country and nit-pick their political system. I find it rude. I love all your other postings, just not your political ones.

Anonymous said...

Hi Michael.....I'm not sure if you are being intentionally obtuse, but your description of our government sounds rather leftist. I'm sure you are aware that the current adminstration, unlike autocracies, has less than 18 months before it will be replaced. While the American public may be tired of the Iraqi war, they also are smart enought to know that we cannot just "leave" Iraq today, or in 6 months as the Democratic "surrender" budget would require. It would be an unmitigated disaster, and the "blowback" on America will be horrible. Anyone who thinks otherwise is dellusional. It's your typically European thought processes that has required America to shed the blood of a million, or more of it's young men in two world wars to bail your collective asses out, and now in the battle against Islamo Fascists, while the Western Europeans spend their time examining their navels for lint.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last poster about the Western Europeans " examining their navels". It's obvious that you have never had to stand up and defend your country. It's easy to yap like you do from afar, but you have probably never had to answer the call to duty.

Sure, our political process is not perfect, but it's the best one out there, you wouldn't know that, having been raised in the socialism that is Europe, maybe that's why you hate the U.S.A. so much.

Nobody wants war, but wasn't this whole scene thrust on us by the radical Muslims? I'll give you a hint, not only do they hate the U.S. but they hate Europe just as badly. But no worries, when they decide to beat up Europe, well, guess who will come to their aid again?

Everyone forgets that after 9/11 and the President was on TV telling the nation that we were in for a long nasty fight against terrorism and it was going to be hard, well, some of us had forgotten that fact. The war is not over yet, and 9/11 was just the opening shot. Unfortunately, a lot of Americans show the weaknesses that you do.

Sometimes I think you intentionally say some crap about the U.S. just to get a reaction, that's fine, but I'll call you on it every time. Just stick to the stuff you're comfortable with, like puppies and flowers.

Anonymous said...

Democracy is just another name for "Mob Rule". What we have in the USA is a three-pronged form of federal government which balances each other out. Under the current geopolitical climate, "mob rule" would have the border between Mexico and the USA totally closed. No, I'm not talking about just a fence either.

In otherwords, it ain't quite as bad as it seems. We might not like the current leader, but in a short time he'll be a footnote in history.


Anonymous said...

at first i enjoyed your blog, but now i only read it to see what kind of uninformed garbage you are going to write about


have fun with your "Fuso Santek" if it doesn't fall apart