Sunday, May 6, 2007

Life in a cage.

You are on the road.
You are travelling and travelling.
And travelling and travelling.
And then you reach a bridge.

That is suddenly different from a road on the land.
You hesitate proceeding on the bridge and halfway you’re forced to stop.
Looking down from the bridge made you see the water deep down from where you are.
It gives you vertigo.
And feelings not experienced before when you were travelling on the solid road.

Now you can do two things.

Get intimidated by those feelings on the bridge and run quickly back to the land where you came from.
This stops those fearful feelings and you will be back in your regular mode quickly.
Travelling the road.

Or you can try to accept the unusual feelings being on the bridge.
Face the feelings.
Go through those feelings.
Experience them, even when they initially seem to be unpleasant or even painful.
You will find out that it is all not so bad as it originally seemed.
And you will be able to continue and will be able to cross the bridge to reach a new and interesting road beyond it.

The first approach, returning from the bridge out of fear to face the feelings, results in staying on the same road travelled over and over again.
Like travelling in a big circle.
Life in a cage.

The second approach is much harder to do but it brings new avenues to life.
It gives access to new roads and therefore to new, unique and exciting experiences.
It gives the opportunity to become more experienced and more accomplished.
It makes you into a more complete human being able to experience happiness and sadness.
Smiles and tears.
A person able to accept and experience the full range of emotions life is presenting us.

Deciding to turn around when on a bridge is not a demonstration of meditation.
To the contrary, it is a brute process of controlling and manipulating life through the power of thinking.
Meditation has nothing to do with the process of thinking.
It is precisely the thing you want to drop when meditating.
Meditating is an effort to separate oneself from the thinking process.
To learn to let oneself been taken by the flow of life.
To accept what life intends us to experience.

There are people though who try to stay in a constant state of feeling happy and being satisfied through mind control methods.
By forcing themselves to always think about things they know it makes them feel better.
They try to be in a constant state of positive delirium.
These persons live in a self-created delusion.

Because this is artificial, it catches up.
Nobody can be happy only.
So, when the mind controlling person feels not grounded, action needs to be taken.
Quickly, unnaturally and artificially, positive thinking is applied to try to move back to the safe territory of the delusion.

This is the person travelling the same roads over and over again.
Having the same experiences over and over again.
Because each time a bridge comes into sight, the person quickly returns to the familiar roads.

Because nobody is happy only, the delusional person gets into trouble in the longer term.
The other feelings every normal person has will push more and more to the surface of the auto-brainwashed person.
The other often painful and unpleasant feelings present in every one of us, want to be experienced as well.
The harder they are suppressed with artificial thoughts of positivism, the more fervent and stronger they will return.
Until a bridge is crossed and the painful feeling is accepted, tolerated, felt, experienced and digested.
Until the painful feeling has been lived through and therefore can be left behind.

It is obvious this process of denying, of delusion and auto-brainwashing escalates.
It results in creating a very small world where everything is controlled in detail.
Where no new experiences and challenges are faced.
The person ends up in a self-created infertile mini-cosmos.
The idea to be grounded is false.

Eventually there is also loneliness.
Social isolation.
No other person can be allowed in the delusion to share life in fear of getting out of balance or ungrounded because the other person will introduce uncontrollable feelings.
No other man or woman wants to enter the unrealistic and mono-emotional, unilateral world of the auto-brainwashed person.
The delusional person becomes an outcast and because the defence mechanism used needs to keep things grounded in more and more extreme ways, life can become very tragic and dramatic.

The delusional and auto-brainwashing person can live in his self-created artificial and almost inhuman paradise believing it is the perfect solution and best way in life.
That is inherent to the delusion.
And this is OK.
Every person has its own way in life to travel.

We can only observe and regret that the person is unable to cross bridges because many of us know what a wonders are beyond them.



Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Twilight Zone. Now, stay away from the peyote buttons.

Anonymous said...

My God, that was an excruciating read, just because the weed is cheap in Mexico doesn't mean you have to smoke it all up in one sitting, save a little something for the honeymoon, if you know what I mean. Now you know why they call it dope.

Anonymous said...

Pretty harsh and judgmental...everybody must find their own way to nirvana.

Anonymous said...

You're right, but on your way to Nirvana don't stumble over your dick.

Jo Wishnie said...

Having been without internet access for a few days, I am just catching up with your blog. Because of this, I have the opportunity to read reader's comments along with your post.

Once again, I seem to be in a different position as most of them. I thoroughly enjoyed your post, found it deep and thought provoking. Also, I believe quite true.

Folks who never venture out of their comfort zone are missing some of life's real treats. Those unexpected chance encounters that can expand your horizons and enrich your life's experiences.

On the chance there is no afterlife, nor reincarnation, we only have a brief time in existence. Why not live this life to the fullest, being open to many and varied experiences?

Unlike other readers, I did not interpret your post to mean your way is the only way. I interpreted it as an encouragement to others to take chances and stretch.

Whether your musings came from peyote, weed or simply an open mind, I appreciate your thoughts. Once again, some readers who wish to be so critical are afraid to name themselves. Shame on them.

Keep thinking and keep writing.