Thursday, May 24, 2007

The fastest lane

Living in a madhouse of appointments.
Sleeping only a few hours a night.
Running from this place to that.
Using life’s capacity for 89 %.

While the luggage is still lost.
American Airways had promised to fly it to Amsterdam, Netherlands while it is not one of their international destinations.
Their office in Brussels, Belgium, says: we can’t help you.
It is rather funny that the passenger victim of American Airways loosing the luggage becomes responsible himself for finding where it is.
Where to look?
Who to call?
Launched into Franz Kafka’s world by American Airways.

This journey is very strange.
The cancelled flight by Delta from Los Angeles to La Paz.
The luggage lost on the flight from Los Angeles to Los Cabos.
The bus trip from Los Cabos to La Paz.
The KLM plane hard landing in Mexico City and its delay.
And now the search for a suitcase in an impenetrable mysterious world.

Out of respect for the people being met these days, several pairs of socks have been purchased.

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