Sunday, May 13, 2007

Under the water.

On Saturday the bay of Ensenada Blanca changes from Robinson Crusoë’s territory into the public beach of many Mexicans coming from the town of Ciudad Constitucion.
In their cars they drive on the beach like it was a highway and large families camp in the dunes.
Dumping their garbage all over the place and using the bushes as toilets.
Bringing ATV’s and driving with no good reason or any sense up and down the beach just for fun.
Parking their cars so close to the sea that they get stuck and need to be pulled out.
The location littered with empty beer cans and the men in a mood that nothing could bother nor concern them.
What was paradise becomes hell.

In the meantime it has also been learned that the whole beautiful bay of Ensenada Blanca has been bought by a large company planning to build here 4.000 condominiums.

Although this is an official National Park and a very delicate natural habitat, it is squandered for the sake of big money becoming bigger without considering the impact on nature.

Very good that departure is planned for tomorrow morning.

In between this irresponsible madness happening currently on the beach of Ensenada Blanca are friends from Germany and Andreas says:
“Let’s go fishing”.

Andreas has a small rubber boat and a 3.000 USD spear.
To go out of the bay and around the cape to an undisturbed part of the coast where big fish might be swimming.

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Sean said...

Have you ever considered writing a book? I can see it selling many copies with your vivid writing style.