Tuesday, May 22, 2007

With shocks and no socks in Amsterdam.

How much can a traveller take?

Having to fly to Mexico City from La Paz on Sunday morning 7.00 am is an ordeal by itself.
Especially when the night before there was a fabulous dinner with friends ending long after midnight.

While still dark, racing therefore in a taxi from the hotel to the airport and checking in and boarding in a most relaxed way because of the small scale of La Paz’ aerodrome.

Fellow traveller was Andy who is one of a crew of two manning a large motor yacht anchored near La Paz for months now.
Its owner, a billionaire from Denver, is rarely coming and using the boat but keeps it any way at a cost of over 180.000 Dollars a year.
We may wonder if this man is a PP as well.
A psychopathic personality as described by Kurt Vonnegut.
A person lacking conscience.
Owning expensive things for no good reason while a majority of the world population is lacking the most basic needs.

At the airport of Mexico City the waiting time was 10 hours.
Not that there were flights at more convenient times to avoid having to wait so long but this is how KLM, the Dutch airline, had arranged it.

The incoming KLM Boeing Jumbo from Amsterdam arrived in time.
But the passengers came out pale and trembling.
Later also the stewardesses: in an exciting way they were talking and releasing their emotions.
Next it was announced that the KLM Jumbo had had a hard landing.
Instead of landing smoothly it had more or less crashed on the runway.
It was expected that the plane needed repairs that could take 6 to 8 hours.
The passengers bound for Amsterdam were informed they might have to stay overnight at the airport or would be booked on other flights of other airlines.

It was wondered why all these things were happening.
The day before Delta cancelling a flight.
The luggage getting lost.
And now this.

The passengers were requested to get out of the departure building, go through Immigration and get a voucher in the main hall for dinner.
Befriended was an Iranian clinical parasitologist from Tehran and with him was a light dinner having fascinating conversation.

The chef of the restaurant came to warn that KLM wanted us to return to the gate because they had managed to repair the airplane in a shorter time than expected.
Two hours after scheduled departure time the KLM Jumbo headed for Amsterdam.

Now in Amsterdam.
But the suitcase still missing.
In a shop blue socks were bought.


Stephan said...

Nou, een reis met hindernissen, maar nu dan gelukkig in Amsterdam. Heb een mooie tijd hier (het weer werkt een beetje mee)!

skee said...

Air travel doesn't seem to be very agreeable to you. I hope the rest of your trip goes better. I also hope you get your suitcase and socks. I bet you had other important articles in there also.

Anonymous said...

¡Excelente! Ya esta en Holanda.
Que tenga muy buen tiempo y recuerde: Baja California lo espera.