Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Dancing together.

ZZ Top is the only rock band together for over 30 years.

Several of their songs we call Boogie Woogie.
Boogie Woogie became popular around 1930 and still, when these days a band plays the baselines of Boogie Woogie not many people remain in their seats.
They start Boogie Woogieying.
It continues to be a popular kind of music.

Whom Boogie Woogie also excited was Piet Mondriaan (1872-1944).

This famous Dutch painter was influenced by Boogie Woogie-music while he was living and working in New York and painted a canvas called “Victory Boogie Woogie”.

His expression of excitement listening to Boogie Woogie.

Boogie Woogie is magical music.
It has a simple bass line.

And when this is heard it refers to something deep inside.

There is nothing magical about music affecting people positively worldwide.
Our earliest form of perception as a baby is hearing.
Focused on the mother’s voice that is the first music and melodious sounds we hear while still unborn.
After birth it is our ability to see things that comes next and this comes as a natural gift like being able to hear.
Later we need to learn to speak and to move around, abilities needing practice contrary to hearing and seeing.

Therefore hearing and seeing are universal human capacities very effective in the common conscience.
The popularity of Boogie Woogie crosses boundaries, ages, cultures and traditions.
Images can do the same: a picture made by Dorothea Lange during the 30’s in the United States of an impoverished woman affects anybody worldwide anytime.

It is this common conscience we share with everybody worldwide which is becoming more and more important.
Because we live in a situation described by the famous musician and philanthropist Yehudi Menuhin as:

“ People are the product of their dreams.
Sadly, these days our ability to dream in the positive sense is threatened
by the predominance of nightmares and a sense of anxiety, hopelessness
and lack of direction.
Everyone tries to make his own life
secure at the expense of everyone else.
Egoism and fanaticism are on the increase, racist and nationalist

violence are spreading destruction.We are witnessing the merciless absorption of the individual into
the collective mass, and an outrageous denial of the fulfillment of the most fundamental needs of body and soul, mind and spirit".

The politicians, priests, mullahs and commercials cannot affect what we share worldwide in our common conscience.
In this common conscience lies the solution and the power to turn the tide.
We all must start boogie woogieying again.


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robert Hill said...

I think the Rolling Stones have been together since around 1962-1963, I do love zz-top, Robert

Fred Wishnie said...

According to Wikepedia, the oldest rock band is Golden Earring, a Dutch group. See


Fred Wishnie

ken said...

Original members still intact I believe is the record.

Nice blog entry. As a photographer, I can appreciate the music/visual tie-in.