Saturday, May 12, 2007

Life in a cage, part two.

Living, working and travelling all over the world as a pioneering photographer having an open mind and heart, truly stunning events are sometimes experienced.
Life presents dimensions to the context of living and working which almost seem magical.

Yesterday it was discovered that on the bay of Ensenada Blanca the psychotherapist William Paff and his partner, the veterinarian Denise Jones, are living.
They have created a retreat called “El Santuario”.

It is a simple settlement of houses made of natural materials.
Styled like it was on a tropical island in the Pacific.

Equipped in an ecological friendly way.

Blending into the surrounding of dunes and trees with a fabulous view of the Sea of Cortez.

When William Paff was met he was editing his new book called “Transparent Mind; the Mandala Process. Or, who do you think you are, really?”

And the amazing thing is that this book of William Paff is exactly communicating the same message as was published in the posting called “Life in a cage” six days ago on May 6, 2007.

What was metaphorically described in the posting “Life in a cage” as travelling over and over again the same roads and the inability to cross bridges, William Paff puts it in his fascinating book in this way:

“There has been a “great forgetting” of our true nature.
Instead we have created a collage or mosaic of beliefs, values, images, fears, likes and dislikes, drives, and other emotions which has created our psychology, our personality and our perceived identity, which we cling to with great tenacity.
This collage or mosaic can be viewed as a paper mache body cast or mask which creates our sense of self, our place in the world and our reactions to events and people around us, obscuring our free will.
When we look at the world through this mask, it filters everything we see and do.”

William Paff in his book “Transparent Mind; the Mandala Process. Or, who do you think you are, really?” joins the opinion, as expressed in “Life in a cage”, that one should face the emotions one has.
One should have the courage to let the emotion be experienced fully.
To accept it as a part of one self.
And most importantly, to go through the emotion from the beginning till the end.

One will discover that by accepting emotions and by going through them, they will evaporate. Creating access to the true self.

From where our lives were meant to take place.
Getting on roads never travelled and consequently having experiences of magical beauty.


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